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Brian Runner

    Headed out this morning to lead a beginners trail run. The local informal club which I've managed the past three years is finally starting to take off. The beginners trail runs are becoming especially popular. We are not only getting beginner adults but also their children.



    QOTD: Are you part of a running club / group?

      A fast (for me at least) 6 mile trail run.  The pooch seemed sad to have to stay home.


      QOTD: No.


      Tallahassee, Florida


        20 miles this morning.  That's my b2b 20's sorted.  Doing this b2b was a slugfest, sure hope they pay off later this summer.


        I did them Friday/Saturday because I'm off on another trip this afternoon.  I get to spend Fathers Day in the Frankfurt airport and Athens.


        BR: Glad to hear that your little running group is starting to take hold.


        TT: Nice run, funny how dogs don't like to take time off either.


        qotd:  I run with an informal group on weekends.  It's so informal that we only have a meeting place and time, whoever is there runs.

        Brazos Bend 100 - Dec 9th

        Houston Marathon - Jan 14th

          Ran 4.5 last night, and hope to do 5 after work today if the leg feel ok.


          QOTD: No groups for me, I have to work weekends and that's when most have their runs.

          Brian Runner

            BR: Glad to hear that your little running group is starting to take hold.


            It has been an up and down few years, but things are really beginning to come alive in 2013. This morning's run went well. A smaller group than some we've had, but diverse, including a 70 year old woman and a lady in her 30's who has run a Marathon in the past but is seeking to get back in shape and has found a new interest in trail running. We're not specifically a trail running group, but our most active members have been trail runners, so naturally most of the group runs we do end up being off road. Last Tuesday night we had 14 people show up for a run and picnic.


              Took a rest day yesterday and went out on the boat. Took a few pictures of a beautiful day before my camera died. Today I am running an impromptu 1/2 marathon. I just found out about it yesterday and thought "sure, why not?" This is my first ever race(if you don't count a 3.43K I ran in full fire gear) and I honestly have no idea what to expect. Its ran on a dirt/gravel road. Probably the one section of road I have not ran in this town. I was told it would "not be flat". We'll see. Smile


              QOTD: Nope. There isn't even a running club in town. Not even an established running group that's more than just a small group of friends. The last group I saw other than the local high school track team was a group of mom's with strollers trying to run next to each other and fighting for side walk space.

              running under the BigSky

                got a good run in this morning, a little over 13 miles in the prairies.  the prairies are as green as I've ever seen them with all the rain we've been getting- also not surprisingly the mosquitos have appreciated all the rain as well, it was a little nerve racking at the start of the run, but a nice breeze came up and that was that Big grin


                qotd: no running group here, we're planning on a move soon to a bigger town and they do have a active running group (that happens to be a trail running group) so I'm sure I'll join in on some of their runs; I don't see myself getting overly involved as I lean a little towards the loner side of the scale and even more so with running

                  Hi group. Checking in with one of my infrequent posts.  DH and I slogged thru Big Basin 50k last weekend (beautiful course, beautiful day, hard run for us) and are doing SF HM tomorrow.  We're driving to Sacramento now to pick up supplies for Western States.  Any one out there running WS?  I'm aid station captain at ALT (mile 85).  No run today, just chores.


                  QOTD: yes I'm in a running club and on its BOD. Its not a big club but we have lots of enthusiasm. We do a social run on Saturdays, aid stations at Miwok and WS, support the HMB marathon, and organize a scholarship for local high school runners. I like the idea of a beginner trail run, might have to steal that, BR!


                  Eat to run, Run to eat

                    11.3 miles this morning, 0.8 with the dog, 6.5 (partially) with the local group, and another 4 after that by myself.


                    QOTD:  Yes, I run with a group but they usually leave me behind after the first few miles.  I do my LR the same day as the group run, so I'm on a different pace than they are. The 6-7 mile group run is enough for most of the people who show up.

                    Stone Mill 50m 11/16/13  12:42

                    Febapple Frozen 50k 2/22/14  9:20:55

                    DIrty German 50m 5/18/14 12:06:16



                    Follower of Forrest

                      Good afternoon all,


                      Ran a local 5k this morning.  Set a new PR for the 5k...19:06.  I'm happy for it since I haven't done any intervals or speed training of any kind for a long time.  I can honestly say it sucked the entire time.  I also set a 1 mile PR (5:35)...not a good sign when there is still 2/3 of the race to go.


                      QOTD: Nah, I take the lone wolf approach.

                      6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


                      A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man


                      under a rock

                        Good morning! Got a nice 7 mile trail run in with the bff this morning.


                        QOTD: Yes, I'm in several groups, wouldn't call them clubs as there are no dues and the runs are pretty informal. Most of my running is solo or with the bff. I do host some runs with one of the groups when I'm feeling more social, so I'm pretty sporadic about scheduling runs. Our group runs are pretty small turn out usually.


                          Work induced rest day today. The best or worst thing, depending on how you look at it, is that my partner for the day just got done feeding me a huge chunk of chocloate cake with peanut butter iceing. Yum. Looks like I have to run a few more miles tomorrow then I had planned.


                          QOTD: No. I tend to have lone wolf tendencies. My main training course is one that the one running club uses for a half and full marathon. I want to contact them to make sure that I won't get into any trouble if I do some maintence on the trails. Some areas are getting grown up and I'd like to cut it back a little.

                          Occasional Runner

                            I ran a trail 5k in Park City this morning, now headed out to get some miles in on the Wasatch trails.


                            QOTD: Yes, The Happy Utah Mountain Runner's. More commonly referred to as the HUMR's. An amazing group of trail runners and I'm a much better runner as a result of their interaction.


                              DW and I did 10 miles on some rolling technical trails.  Saw a few horsey people who were looking for the lake.  They were 2 miles from where they thought they were and did not have a map.   We got them back in the right direction, and they were very thankful.  All of my horse encounters this year have been a pleasure.  Big difference from last year when I got yelled at a few times for being on "their" trails or spooking the horses (even though I always walk past horses).


                              QOTD:  I've only been on a few group runs in my years of running.  Wouldn't mind a group run, but my schedule usually has a small window of opportunity.

                              Brian Runner

                                I like the idea of a beginner trail run, might have to steal that, BR!


                                I was finding that we had a lot of runners who were either afraid to trail run alone (mostly women, though it is quite safe here.), and others who were overly concerned about either holding the group back or being left behind. We have a policy of “no runner left behind.” We typically put experienced runners at the front and back of the group to make sure nobody falls off the back.


                                Pretty much all it takes is one trail run to get people to see that we are an very inclusive group and then they are hooked on trails.