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running under the BigSky

    we had another Arctic front move in last night, this one is supposed to be short lived (fingers crossed), regardless I am enjoying a 0 day today Smile


    qotd: not a ton of folks to begin w/, but definitely less in the winter


      Up in the wee hours and got 7 road miles in in the urban wilds. City running is scary- slippery sidewalks, vehicles, dog walkers, etc. Not very cool but you see, I have this work gig and it's limiting my trail usage.   However I have discovered what may be some promising spots out in the driftless area of Western Wi. during my route driving. I do love exploring.


      QOTD--see above. Not getting the miles on the trails like a used to so I don't have an answer. My wife just brought my skis home from our cabin so I just may start getting my trail fix around here on those skinny planks.