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    Hi folks.


    SRD for today with a very active weekend planned.  Starting with a 30 mile mountain bike ride in the am and a 5 mile trail run in the early PM.  Sunday will be a 3 hour trail run followed by a 15 mile fixed gear road ride.  Should be fun.



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      The answer was a joke........but perhaps I make jokes like that too much at home as well.  Blush


      Maybe! Oh well. With this snow and icky weather I'm wondering if I'll end up doing 17 on the dreadmill! Really hoping I can at least hit the roads by tomorrow or Sunday!


      ended up walking 6.5 miles with 1-7% incline at 14:57 average pace. Really happy with how much easier and faster the hill hike is becoming. Hopefully by BR that power hike will give me a good race and finish!

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        Resting/xmas shopping today and have a long trail run planned for tomorrow. Supposed to be verrrry windy, but no snow here so I'm sure I can handle it. 


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          15-mile trail run... had the trails to myself. 16* and strong winds = a fun run Smile QOTD: i would miss running

            After a few days of sun and below freezing mornings here, it was raining and relatively warm. Started in a long sleeve shirt but was soon shirtless running to Skyline in Wunderlich Park.


            Put on the shirt for the way down (also since it was raining harder).


            A good run, but now I swear I am going to ice/rest that ankle!


            QOTD: It would be my bride, but she is coming with me. It will have to be the mountains and red wine!

              I sleep in and Hubby coming home tonight so Nada for me today.


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              Mike:  Clown made me laugh out loud.

              sugnim:  good answer..

              Jame:  Your response indicates to me you are still zoning out.

              laceup:  I'm starting to think pie has a different just can't love a pastry that much.

              MadisonMandy:  Poor Bella not een a shout out.

              Northern:  Still hooked on Suzy I see.  Wink

              majope:  brrrrr

              mtwarden: I would miss your stash!

              watoni:  yea red wine...

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                laceup:  I'm starting to think pie has a different just can't love a pastry that much.





                  10 trail miles yesterday and another 10 miles with my better half today.  Been too darn busy with work to run lately, or even check in here for fear of being pleasantly drawn into a discussion of the merits of the end of the world and boobies.


                  QOTD: Boobies.