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Ultra Cowboy

    Last night I ran "around the block" for 7.3 miles.  Felt real good.  Chilly night between 35 and 40.  I'll rest today anf hit the trail for 14 tomorrow after the Training group orientation meeting.  I'll Probably go to Lake Sonoma to check out the trail out and back from the south Trailhead.  I haven't been there.


    QOTD.  The last race I left the state for was the Mayors Marathon in Anchorage, AK in 2007.  Made a week long vacation out of it.  The only other one even on my radar would be the Pinedale Half marathon in Wyoming.  I'd have to be there anyway for it to work.


    Even though I've never left the state for a race much , I've run through a lot of states.  State of confusion, state of exhaustion, state of delirium.....




      Cold, pouring rain for the run this morning most of the informal group bailed.  But me and the other ultra guy were there so we did 9 miles. We were like water-logged rats when we were done. We did bump into the two fast girls (both gunning for sub-3 at next week’s mary), they looked serious.


      Going to take it slow the rest of today and watch the continuation to the Texans’ collapse.  I was a Jets fan growing up, so I’ve had proper training in that department.


      EDRW: good luck at Bighorn.  I am also keeping my eye on the Cajun thing.

      Lace: a cold day on the red hot course, sounds fun.

      Weegee: running the 100 to save 10 bucks on the bus. . .  nice, I like the way you think !!

      Birdwell: enjoy the foothills.

      TnC: have fun on the new trails.

      John: careful with that heavy machinery.

      MM: I really hope the PT can get you back soon.

      NH: I should be doing chores as well, but the DW is sick so I figured that I should just sit around and not make too much noise. . .

      TT: Nice 6.

      Sugnim: enjoy the walk later.

      DD1: enjoy the 6 and XT.

      Scrappy: It’s great to have you back, btw I used to be “Slowdown”. Hope you can get that lakeside run in and it isn’t too windy.

      Rocky: have a nice RD.


      qotd: I like to do different races when I can, especially for the longer ones, so I tend to travel to races now, don’t know how many states I have though (I’ll have to check the list at some point). I’ll be going back to Colorado this summer to do Leaville since I messed it up last year.  I also try to get long runs in while traveling for work, so far I have mary+ finishes in England (3), Norway and Korea.  Plus fat-ass 50ks in Japan and Italy.

      Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7


        I have always wanted to run Bighorn but could never make the schedule work.  It is fun to sign up for 100m to avoid paying the extra bus fee. Ha.


        Hope Tiger was big fun today.


        I will walk in the park in the rain.


        running under the BigSky

          going to take a 0 day today, have a 17 miler planned for tomorrow- looks like the weather is going to hold (highs in the low 30's- yeehah!)


          qotd: I've only been in one race and it was in state, BUT am travel to NC in Feb for a race (meeting up w/ my brother); I foresee myself doing a fair bit of traveling in the future w/ races (the Red Hot is going on my list next year).  Beyond racing, I have a bunch of long runs that I want to do out of state (a bunch in state as well)- want to hit the Grand Canyon again, Zion, a couple that I want to do in CO, the list goes on Big grin

          Le professeur de trail

            Happy Saturday trailers! Got in 2 hours on the trails this morning.  Crunching, swooshing, howling, creaking, cracking was all I heard this morning and not an animal in sight.  Was a great run.  Longest I have had in 4 months!



            QOTD: I have travelled to Maryland for races but since that is only 1-2 hours away not much of a stretch.  Some in state races are further than that.  Would love to do some stuff out west but not when the kids are young.  Will have to wait a few years.


            Have a great day!

            The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



            Refurbished Hip

              Holy crap, Scrappy's even in the dailies?  Smile


              I snowshoed for almost 2 hours today.   It felt great.  Even got a little "lost."  Well not LOST lost, but just, ummm, turned around while breaking my own trail.


              And, and, AND....I RAN!  For a half mile.  On a treadmill.  PT supervised, of course.


                sugnim-- I know the Bighorns changed their entry procedure in the last year or two but the 30k there would always fill prior to opening of on-line registration. If you were even thinking about it you should jump on it now if it 's still open.


                It's already sold out, although they're keeping a wait list.  The 50K isn't sold out yet, but they expect it to.

                Upcoming races: 1/9 Bridle Trails 50K, 1/30 Lake Youngs Nuts Run 50K, 2/14 My Better Half, 3/5 Dupont Trail Marathon, 4/2 Umstead 100

                  Got to the gym this morning and got to beat up a tire with a sledgehammer for a while (always fun), then played around with some overhead squats... and managed to avoid falling over.


                  Drizzly 6 miles this afternoon. The best part was coming back down the 1.5 mile climb. The downhill was rocky enough to be interesting but not so much that I had to slow down. I felt like I was flying!


                  qotd: I did a tough mudder in Georgia last year. Otherwise, nothing.

                  Pinhoti 100: Finished :D

                  Irish Luck

                    Did 11.35 with the mister and another running couple. Great day for a run. Lots of hills and beautiful views from the overlooks.


                    QOTD: Does running from one state into another count?  (We have attended races on the PA/DE border where you may spend a few feet in DE).  We have traveled about once per year. We're headed to Savannah, GA at the end of this month and we spent a weekend in Ogden, UT in late 2011--gorgeous place to run. I am pretty sure that this year we'll race in nearby NJ, but hopefully we'll have an opportunity later this year to travel further (like OREGON!)

                    BT survivor since 2003. Trail runner since 2009.

                    I think brain surgery stimulated my running nerve and made me into a trail runner. I'm grateful for both.

                      Bighorn is a beautiful race! One of my favorites... the wildflowers are incredible.


                      Ran for the first time in 5 months today.   Two laps of Green Mountain, 10 miles, 5,000' gain / 5,000' loss.  Very little pain... fingers crossed.


                      QOTD: Maybe half my races are out of state.  Usually UT, ID, or WY.  Thinking of Superior this fall, to see some of you peeps in real life.  Smile

                      Endurance Guy

                      Pain cave junkie

                        Hi folks,


                        I was able to get in 25 miles on the mtn bike is just about perfect weather.  Tomorrow is a very hilly trail half marathon with stormy weather moving in during the night.  Should be fun.




                          nice 16 miles loop around a lake, snowshoe and hiking trail, wore Hokas and ice spikes for 14 and snowshoes for 2.

                          QOTD: so far IN,MN looking for IL and MI this year.


                            I have always wanted to run Bighorn but could never make the schedule work.  It is fun to sign up for 100m to avoid paying the extra bus fee. Ha.


                            Hope Tiger was big fun today.


                            I will walk in the park in the rain.


                            Tiger was indeed burning bright, if not warm today.  Lots of folks there for the W.WA Fatass, and I got to "rescue" (or at least talk out of folly) a kid who decided to do his first trail run up a 3,000' mountain on snowy singletrack on the advice of someone he met in the checkout line at REI.  He started at noon in brand new shoes and no hat or gloves and managed to get to the back side of the mountain, where I ran into him on my second lap.  He was cramping up and looked awful, so I gave him a gel and some advice specifically, "You'll probably be stuck in the snow in the dark if you keep going."


                            We enjoyed a nice walk out and I think he came away from the day with a realization of the difference between running on roads and trails.  He really would have been in a tight spot if he had continued on.  That felt good.


                            50K in 7:42 - mostly spent talking.  The gal's dragging me out for another 20 tomorrow, and that's gonna hurt.


                            Hope the park was beautiful in the rain.


                              21 with the running group.


                              QOTD: I've travelled to IN, MI, and WI for races. I've a couple in CA when visiting family. I try to get variety where I can.

                              03/23/13: Clinton Lake 10 miler

                              04/07/13: Chicago's Shamrock Shuffle 8k

                              05/11/13: DWD Gnaw Bone 50k