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    Marley and I had another great 4 mile trail run this cool morning.


    We won't be running much for a while because I am heading out for my Idaho mountain biking adventure.  I am probably leaving tomorrow.  Marley will have to help DW hold down the fort.  I may do some other stuff on the way back, like backpacking or peak bagging.  I will most likely swing through Yellowstone and the Tetons on the way home.


    If anyone is interested I have a trip journal started at:


    Tallahassee, Florida


      TT....have a great adventure! I am looking forward to reading about it.


      I am looking forward to a run today. Family drama has derailed my run plans x 2 days. I have got to figure out how to get my running on track and take care of everything else I'm my life.


      Qotd: what ultimate running adventure would you like to go on? I would like run/hike around Lake Superior. I don't know if it is possible..bit I love it up there


        An easy 8 miles this morning.  It was brutal, about 76* and full humidity.  At one point we go by a lake and it was like running into a bank of hot humid air.  Blaaaa, glad that is over with.


        TT - have a great ride.

        Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7

        100K or Bust

          Finally gave my new shoes their baptism on muddy trails. They don't look new anymore.


          QOTD: Haven't really thought about an ultimate running adventure, but I've got a growing list of trail ultras and marathons I'd like to run.

          2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility


          Eat to run, Run to eat

            16 for me this morning:

            2.8 with Weston, since he's missed his morning runs when I've overslept

            7.2 with the group.  I led this morning and attacked some technical sections the normal leader avoids, and introduced everyone to a twisty flat trail that I think is a lot of fun.

            6 solo at a slow pace, though mud and wet foliage and insects made it feel like the jungle. 75*F and kind of humid.


            QOTD:  R2R2R..

            Stone Mill 50m 11/16/13  12:42

            Febapple Frozen 50k 2/22/14  9:20:55

            DIrty German 50m 5/18/14 12:06:16



              2 hours on an area of trails that I haven't been on in probably 3 years (due to logging in the area).  A bit muddy, but wasn't as bad as I thought, given the 4"+ of rain we've had the past 3 days.


              TT - have a great trip.

              moon - Getting your runs in will take care of you...everything else will follow. 

              Sandy - humidity sucks!  Enjoy the taper.

              wcrunner - George, you probably had the same amount of rain tat we got.  Mud is fun.

              jbyram - Pretty cool that you always seem to add on after your group runs.  A lot of people would call it a day.


              QOTD:  I'd like to do on of those Andes Adventures and run the Inca Trail.


                Getting ready to head out for a 7 miler on the roads around the house. My legs are a little beat up from yesterdays trail run.


                TT-- Sounds like a nice trip. Have  fun and I hope everything goes well.


                QOTD: I'll have to join jbyram on the R2R2R. If I were going to do anything longer then a one day event I would switch to the bike for a tour.


                Endless trails

                  Afternoon all


                  I managed 20 trail miles this morning. Between the humidity and the bugs it turned into more of

                  an upper body strength workout, legs held up fine. Gotta get a new can of Off, I remembered I

                  needed it as I was swatting Mosquitos while lacing up at the trailhead.


                  QOTD: I'd like to do different sections of something long, like the AT, or the Long Path along the Hudson.

                  running under the BigSky

                    getting over a stomach bug Sad  might be well enough later to get a short run in, but maybe not (have a long run planned for tomorrow I hope I'm good to go for it!)


                    qotd: I've got a long list Big grin, my most ambitious one is the Wonderland Trail (circumnavigates Mt Ranier) in three days- everyone should do the R2R2R- that was a dandy!  I missed out on the Zion Traverse this Spring, so it's high on my list.

                      QOTD:  Self supported coast to coast, but I probably will never do it.   I have gone coast to coast by bicycle a couple times, by car each way, and have yet to do it by motorcycle or on foot.  I would like to do both.


                      Tallahassee, Florida

                        Busy morning. getting things ready for an overnight aid station shift at Bryce.

                        Should be fun. I'll trade taking care of one whiny baby for 150+ whiny ultrarunners 


                        QOTD: There's a few places in Waterton Lakes National Park I'd like to see. Crypt Lake comes to mind first.


                        Faster Than Your Couch!

                          Good Evening,


                          Got in 5 nice miles under the (almost) full moon into the sunrise this morning. After I had taken my shower, I realized work started half an hour later, so I could have run another 3-4 miles...

                          I might add them on this evening, though. Time to start doubles anyway! (and I finally feel ready for it)


                          TT: Sounds like an epic adventure, have fun!


                          moonlight: I hope your family drama will work out well!


                          Sandy: Sounds tough. I need to get my heat runs in, too, this is always great conditioning for summer races!


                          wc: Congrats! Now enjoy the shoes. How did they perform?


                          jby: Nice miles!


                          AT: Must feel nice to have some trails back again. I hope the logging did not destroy too much.


                          DD1: Getting ready for the Eager Seeger HM?  We could have fun there together, you know.


                          jonferg: Nasty bugs! I stocked up on repellant just in time before last year's supply ran out. But, you got your core workout in for this week!


                          warden: Take it easy. Better rest up before the long run. These stomach bugs have a tendency to linger if you work too hard too soon.


                          Birdwell: Have fun at the aid station! Don't forget to throw a few motivational phrases at the whiny runners, e.g. "You're so slow, you'll NEVER make it to the finish line!" and other nice stuff!


                          QOTD: Oh, there are so many ultimate runs in my mind: R2R2R (we should organize a group run next year!), PCT, Hardrock, Dolomites,...

                          So many trails, so little time!

                          Run for fun.


                            Hi again.  We went car shopping for my DS today, we didn't buy anything yet.  This was more like a first foray into the field of battle.  Yuck.


                            We did go to a Chinese restaurant and my DW got a very "deep" fortune, appropriate for running...  "It is never crowded along the 'extra mile'."


                            qotd:  Hardrock and R2R2R, but those are kind of doable, I need to think more about an ultimate adventure.


                            (By the way I received an email from the Hardrock RD, I'm now number 5 on the waitlist so he asked me to submit my service form "just in case".  Could it be.....?   I'm not holding my breath though.)

                            Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7


                            Faster Than Your Couch!

                              Sandy: Keeping my fingers crossed that Hardrock will work out for you!

                              Run for fun.