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Pine Mountain 40 Mile Trail Run (race report) (Read 154 times)

    Here's my blog link for those who want to read the full report with photos.


    Jason's Pine Mountain 40 Mile Trail Run (Race Report)


    Short version:

    On December 2, 2012, I completed my third Pine Mountain 40 Mile Trail Run with a finish time of 9:42:44 and improved on my previous course record by almost 20 minutes, placing 85 out of 118 finishers.

    I struggled with knee pain during the final ten miles, because of apparent IT band tightness, but I still managed to pull a 40-mile ultramarathon out of my hat less than a month after my first 100-mile race and have some fun in the process.


      Good job, Jason. Now, go back out on the course and find your neck.



        Nice job, Jason.  For some reason, I always love your "swag" pictures.

          Here's the bloody spot on the side of my head from the tree mishap, in case y'all wanted to see.



          It's actually worse now, since this photo was taken the morning after the race.  A bit more bruise discoloration.

            Nice job, Jason.  For some reason, I always love your "swag" pictures.


            Thanks!  That's actually my least favorite part of compiling my RRs, because I suck at taking macro photos of medals and such.  I like to give prospective runners of these races an incentive to sign up the following year, though. 

            running under the BigSky

              great job!  “It does not have to be fun to be fun.”  love it Smile

                wonderful report! great job on the race, and nice flesh wound..

                  Wow, that's a great improvement on a pretty short recovery.

                  Take Charge. Train Harder. Suck Less. No Excuses.

                    Congrats! Loved the report, also love the slogan. My new mantra for tough runs. Big grin


                      Jason, I always enjoy reading your RRs. Congrats on a great race. Looks like a beautiful course.



                      Faster Than Your Couch!

                        Congratulations, great job! 40 miles is a tough distance for going through a funk phase and managing to get yourself out of it again. Glad you regained your spirits later in the race!


                        I hope your knee will heal up soon. Perhaps strengthening exercises where you stretch out your knee from a 90degree bent position (e.g. while sitting on a chair or bench) against a resistance will help in the long term.

                        Run for fun.


                          Congrats Jason!  One of these years I'm going to run Pine Mtn.

                          Wandering Wally

                            Nice job!  It's been so inspirational to me to watch you improve and grow as a runner over these past couple of years.

                            Run!  Just Run!


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