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    The pooch and I did 5 miles of trail this morning.  The weather is getting to be optimum for running with the arrival of fall.


    Thanks to all for your kind thoughts.  Mom was an amazing lady.  She was still doing century bike rides well into her 70's.  Right up to this past month of illness she was walking without a cane and living in an independent living apartment only recently moved from her house.  So we are thankful for her long healthy life despite the loss.


    TT - Condolences to you and your family. Your mom sounds like an amazing person and her memories will be with you forever.

    In dog beers, I've only had one.


      TT: I am sorry for your loss.



        Good Morning all,


        Got back from Michigan early this morning so I'm just getting myself into gear. Have some homework to do then hopefully a short 4.5 mile run.


        TT : I'm sorry for your loss. Your mom's circumstances sound similar to my grandfather's. Good health and life almost up until the end.


        QOTD: Deer season starts very soon here in Pa. I'll switch to doing a little more biking and when I run I'll stick to the main trails and wear orange. Since I'm a hunter I don't mind sharing the woods. I will stay out of the woods during the three days of bear season and the two weeks of regular rifle season.

          Rest day.


          QOTD: They aren't in the areas I run.  No problem.

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            Good morning all.  I only got 1 run in this weekend (3.5 hours of hilly trails) and it looks like I won't be able to get out on the trails again this week until Thursday.


            QOTD:  Yeah, I've come across a few on the trail.  It doesn't bother me as long as they are respectful of the land and aren't trashing the area or just target shooting.  I'd hunt if I wasn't so grossed out by eviscerating an animal.  That reminds me, it's probably time to make sure I'm wearing orange and to put a vest on my dog when we're out on the trails.


              TT - sorry for your loss


              Did 32 wonderful miles with 6000 vertical in Point Reyes National Seashore yesterday. That included doing a half-FTYC: I bushwhacked up 800 vertical feet of throat-high firn, which was fun in a Jurrasic park sort of way, and transverse thorny vines and nettles, which wasn't. (I only went up, not up-down-up, which is why it was only a half-FTYC.)


              Learning: when you're running along "The Ridge Trail" and are very happy you are in a shady ravine instead of on an exposed ridge, you should stop and evaluate.


              QOTD: no hunters here.

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              Thread killer ..

                TT sorry for your loss , she sounds like she had an amazing full life , the best we all can hope for .


                QOTD:  We have Chuker hunters , they walk with dogs and are very easy to see , also rarely Antelope hunters . Yesterday on our run we saw at least 10 probably hunters , target shooting on a 10 mile loop out in the BLM . Some with a safe back stop , some just shooting across the open desert . Rifle deer season opens Oct. 1 here .

                Le professeur de trail

                  1:15 of running before sunrise.  Loving the colder temps!


                  TT: sorry for your loss and praying for you and your family

                  chnaiur - that's quite a nice run you had yesterday.


                  QOTD: I do run a decent amount in state game lands but I try to avoid the two weeks of buck season here in PA since it's essentially a holiday.  Other than that, I wear orange.


                  Have a great day!

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                  Wandering Wally

                    Resting today.


                    TT - Sorry for your loss.


                    QOTD - Timely question.  I forgot this past weekend was youth hunt weekend in Michigan and merrily went running through the woods with no orange and no thought to the fact that there would be young hunters about.  Fortunately I didn't run into anyone.  Bow season opens Oct 1.  Rifle season opens Nov 15.  I'm not too worried about the bow hunters.  I just try to stay out of the areas they are hunting so I don't spook any of the deer.  Rifle season I stay out of the woods entirely for those two weeks.  Too many drunk yahoos that don't know what they are doing.

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                      Getting ready for a run in the sun. I really need this after a whopping total of 0 miles on the weekend!


                      Chnaiur: Too true for the Ridge Trails!


                      QOTD: I don't have a problem with hunters, but I try to stay away from the most remote paths, and I wear orange.

                      Run for fun.


                        chnaiur - that's quite a nice run you had yesterday. 


                        I'm still full of harmony :-) Just a little bit bummed that I didn't bring the camera. The forecast was for fog all day, so I was prepared for a claustrophobic and somewhat boring experience. Luckily, the fog broke up at 9 am, and left clear blue skies. This was the first time I went to Pt. Reyes and actually could see the views. It is a truly amazing place.

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                        4/19 Tehama Wildflowers 50k