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Where to run my first 100M - or should I forget it? (Read 77 times)

100K or Bust - Busted

    Finally decided I will run a 100M race. I chose to return to the Jackpot Ultra in Henderson, NV, on Feb 14, 2015. I liked the race and course layout. I'm familiar with it. The travel logistics are easy. I also know there will be friends and other runners I know there, so I'll feel like I have a lot of support.

    2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility

      I was coming by to second mep's suggestion onPrairie Spirit. I don't think you'll find a race with less elevation or technicality. It's a straight out and back though, so there's that mental challenge to factor in. I ran it as my first 50 miler, it was a good fit for me.