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Wierd Weather Sundaily (Read 33 times)


    Good morning! Planning 7 if I can get out today. we had an ice storm with more on the way.


    qotd: What is strange about your weather this weekend?


      Good morning-- Got in just under 4 miles yesterday at the beach.  The kiddos and I went biking while DH was kitesurfing.  It was a glorious day so the qotd is timely....


      qotd:  70s and sunny here.  I'll take it since I need to do some garden work before winter sets in.  Well, 'winter' as it is in the mid-atlantic region.

        Morning! About to head out for about 10. I haven't run double digits in over a month (!!)


        QOTD: It's 70 and humid here. For running,  I'd prefer the cold. Can't really breathe in this weather w/ asthma.

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          10 gritty miles this morning.  Saw lots of birds today, they must all be down here because of that crazy weather up north.  Lots of pelicans, cormorants, herons, even heard a woodpecker and an owl this morning.


          qotd: yesterday in the 70's, today in the 50's, tomorrow in the 30's.  Yup, winter in TX, nothin' strange about that.  We did have a few thunderstorms go thru yesterday with about 3 to 4 inches of rain.

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            Got out early to try and beat the heavy rain, but about 300 yards from my house, FLASH - BOOM, a thunderstorm popped up.  I turned around and ended up doing 7.5 on the treadmill.  I can deal with rain, but lightning is a different story.


            QOTD: See above.  All the snow melted overnight and it's warm today, but chance of snow on Tuesday.

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              I ran down to the gym, 6 miles, then did a core workout. I'm trying to get back in shape and it's going to require more than just running.


              I might go grab some trail miles in a little bit. Depends on what Jo wants to do today.


              QOTD: We're having very typical Utah winter weather.

              running under the BigSky

                Going to try and get in 8-10 miles this morning, got another couple of inches of snow which is helpful as the trails were getting awfully packed and icy


                qotd: my plan yesterday was to get in a 18-20 mile run, it was dead calm when I left, an hour later on top of the ridge the wind was howling at close to 35 mph w/ dark clouds rolling in fast- I exited stage left and ended up w/ ~ 11 miles; of course later in the afternoon the sun came out and the wind died down- as the old saying goes if you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes


                  Laying low for now as our snowstorm is winding to an end. Not much to crow about as I think it will only be about 7" once it stops. I'm sure we will get the usual arctic air rolling in the next few days as a final kick to the groin. I know, embrace it and smile. 

                  Did get in 14.5 yesterday on icy roads and it went real good, Today I'll do about 5 after I watch a bunch of football.


                  QOTD- Nothing strange, just normal winter weather here.


                  Endless trails

                    14 trail miles this morning, trail conditions were radically different than they were

                    three days ago....


                    QOTD: On Tues I did a trail run in the snow, temps in teens-today all snow was gone

                    an temp were 60's. Weird.


                      No run today. Sunday is brunch day at a local place that is AWESOME. The routine is sleep in. Cup of coffee at home.  Awesome Brunch. Work.


                      QOTD: Lots of rain while snow is still on the ground. Not too weird for around here, but still weird to me.

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                        Finally broke through a mental barrier I had when I approached 13 miles. Ran 15.1 in 63F temps.



                        QOTD: I think the old record high had already been broken when I ran this morning and temps are supposed to reach 72F today.

                        Also noted that's a weird way to spell weird.

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