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    Teleworking today so I was able to get up and take my time., got in a good 5.5. Have a great day all!



    QOTD: Favorite Dr. Seuss book


    One Fish, Two Fish, Blue Fish, Red Fish



      got in 7 miles last night-- great run for me-- strong, fast, happy runner.  Not so much for  DS (still recovering from Sunday's race).  Strength training planned for later today.


      qotd:  cat in the hat.  I always wanted to be the naughty cat, wreaking havoc, but I like rules too much....


        7 this a.m. - yesterday was a much-needed SRD and I felt much fresher and more energetic today.


        QOTD:  Definitely Green Eggs & Ham.  I'm not a huge Dr. Seuss fan and get tired of his overly preachy books and the books that are weighed down with too many made up words, but there are certainly a few classics.

          morning folks! got in just over 8 on my go to mountain trail.


          QOTD: As I type, my 2 y.o. daughter is watching "The cat in the Hat knows a lot about that" on PBS.

          My favorite would have to be "How the Grinch stole Christmas". Well, at least the first half of the book, before he gets all soft and lame.

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            Morning All!   6 easy miles planned for this afternoon, my glutes are really sore from hilly run on Monday, reinforced w/ a bunch of body weight squats yesterday evening- an easy run should ease some of the soreness I'm thinking


            qotd: Hop on Pop- that's the book that I learned to read w/ Big grin

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              6 Miles through the prairie this morning. I'm eager to get back into the mountains.


              QOTD: Not a fan.


                Good morning to all.   Hope to get in short run at lunch today.  Still coughing up crap from lungs.  I wouldn't want to run with me right now.  Nothing but wheeze, cough, spit.


                QOTD:  My youngest is almost 20 now, but we read to the kids every night   Always a fan of the Lorax - “It's not about what it is, it's about what it can become.”.

                Uh oh... now what?

                  Pedaled to where the water starts.  Tied bike to bush.  Ran to the end of the bluff trail and

                  looked at the zig zags.  Mind said repeats.  Down was okay, but I knew I would not do

                  repeats.  I left the hand bottle at the bottom, went back up, went back down to get a drink...

                  repeated until the bottle was empty except for the drink needed to get back to the bike.


                  QOTD:  [insert blank look]

                    Got in around 5.5 last night. Will run 8+ tonight.


                    QOTD: I always liked The Lorax and Green Eggs and Ham. My children will definitely read Dr. Suess.


                    Edited to add: Hop on Pop is another classic that should be noted.

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                      The pooch and I had a nice 10 mile trail run. The weather was beautiful. We made it a point to run past the eagle's nest and there were chicks in the nest. They were pretty big already so there must have at least been eggs last time we were there.


                      QOTD: Probably "Horton Hatches the Egg"


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                        14 miles on the Laurel Highlands trail last night....not enough fuel......but the hydration was good.  Smile  Absolutely gorgeous evening with nearly a full moon lighting the way.  Bright enough that I was able to turn off my light while running around the lake at the top of the mountain.



                        QOTD:   Love them all!


                          No running again today. Too busy with school work. I'll be so glad when this frikin semester is over.


                          QOTD: Books on the bed, books under the bed, books on the table, books on the floor, books high, books low, everywhere you look there were books. But nowhere were there Dr. Suess books.


                          The kiddos had plenty of books and we read to them a lot, but I don't remember having any Dr. Suess books for some reason. Was I a bad parent, A good parent or just one that overlooked the poor Dr.? All that aside, from what I can remember of them, my favorite was green eggs and ham. For some reason the green eggs intrigued me.


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                            Good Morning,


                            Well I need to do at least 3 to keep up with the pace bunny, so that.  I started getting stuff together last night for this weekends race...that will continue tonight I believe.



                            For some reason the green eggs intrigued me.

                            Me too.  Plus I always wanted to know if the ham was green's not clear in the title:  (green eggs and *regular* ham or green eggs and green ham)


                            I liked Horton Hears a Who the movie, but I don't recall reading the book.  I'd say Cat in the Hat if movies don't count.

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                              Morning all (well almost afternoon).  Nothing again for me.  I actually think I will use this as a total rest week.  There is no reason not to do so.  I think one or two weeks a year off completely are a good thing.


                              QOTD: Oh, the Places You'll Go!    Cool story: DW bought each of our kids a copy of this book and is having their teachers write something in it each year as they finish the school year about them.  So by the time they graduate high school, they will be given the books with all the things their teachers said to them.  (hoping it is all positive).  It is a great book though.

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                                Heading out now for an easy 5-6.


                                QOTD: Cat 'n the Hat.