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    t was actually kind of sticky for our 4 mile trail run this morning. Marley decided to cool off and took a dip.


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      A dark and early 9 miles on the trail. Some dude flew by me at mile 3 and yelled my name as he passed me. I have no idea who he was but he was wearing a Bear 100 shirt and he was fast. That motivated me to pick up the pace a bit.


      Jo and I are all loaded up and heading to Zion. I was invited to come down and test out a new trail race concept that the RD of the Zion 100 is working on. He wants me to run the entire thing as if it was a race and then provide feedback ad guidance so he can fine-tune his concept. It'll take me all weekend to cover the entire thing, so we're camping on one of the slick rock mesas that I'm familiar with. It should be a fun weekend.


      I hope you all have a great weekend.


        I'll do about 5 after work today.


        Qotd: inspired by lace_up, any weekend plans?


        We are staying home and taking it easy this weekend.  I might even wash the cars since they have trail dust all over them from our various rides and runs over the last few weeks. Dinner out is also in the works.


        have a good one everybody.

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          Happy Friday all!


          Got out for an easy 3.3 mile stroller pushing run last night. Easy cruising pace seems to have returned, now hopefully my racing pace will show up tomorrow morning.


          QOTD: Heading over to dpc's house for pre race dinner tonight, 45k race tomorrow and the remainder of the weekend will be spent working in the yard. Trying to get some projects taken care of before we put our house on the market.

            I am going to run after work with Earl and maybe a friend...6 ish.  Did 6ish last night and it was nice when I was on the top of the hill and the sun was setting through the trees.


            QOTD: Weekend plans...I am going to stay at home and do a little yard work, do a long run, do a couple of short runs.  Sit outside and read a book while drinking some yard is like a park and is so beautiful right now with lost's of flowing bushes in full bloom right now.



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              Rest day.


              QOTD: I have 30 planned for early tomorrow morning with a bail out mileage of 25 if the weather or things aren't feeling right. I also plan on getting friendly with the chainsaw and cutting up some firewood. Winter's a comin and time is short.

                Try for 10 after work.


                Queen, that's a beautiful yard! (That's my professional landscaper opinion)


                QOTD tonight I'm going to see a friend play guitar in a coffee house, tomorrow night I am going to take the new lady friend out for dinner!


                  SRD on account of working 24 hours. Did 11+ miles last night with about 2000 feet climbing.


                  QOTD: Get off work tomorrow morning at 8. Hopefully get in a medium distance run sometime. Have to finish up with filing my taxes. Then I have a short essay to write on the color of Jesus. I don't know where some of these professors come up with their ideas some times. Oh, then it's back to work for another 24 hours on Sunday. Then FIVE days off!!!!!


                  Endless trails

                    Well, I'm officially an accidental triathlete (injured runner). Tested my calf this morning and it's still not right, now I have to actually stick

                    with resting it and not test it every 3 days. I'm calling it for an April 26th 50k, I'll look for one in May or June. I pulled my mt. bike out of storage

                    this morning and took a brief ride, then brought it in for a tuneup/adjustment. Maybe I'll try Mandy's training plan, 6 week taper from running, bike to work, then run a race.


                    QOTD: Hike planned for Saturday to make up for lack of a LR, on Sunday my DW and I are making a meal for my mom's b-day.


                    Damn nice yard, Queen.


                      SRD today .  Some nice runs this week with the beautiful weather.


                      Queen - that is a nice yard, and yes, Muppy should know (having seen the beauty what he works on).


                      Good luck to any racers this weekend, and to those healing up from injuries.


                      QOTD:  Putting in another raised garden for DW.  She has a few already for her veggies, and thinks she need more, so it goes from her wish list to my to-do list.  Plan is for 22 miler sometime either tomorrow or Sunday depending on the rain forecast.  All the ice is finally gone at the reservoir, so I might get the kayak out.  I'm sure well cook out some time as well.


                        Planning 7 tonight with my pacer (that would be the pointer). It is beautiful out today...and supposed to be 70 tomorrow. Its about time!


                        Hey Gator, what trails do you run your long runs on. You live in the Detriotish area don't you? Do you ever go to the Pinckney rec area?


                        Qotd: planning a picnic tomorrow with my daughter and grand children....and lots of yard work. I see some green poking through.


                        Have a great weekend of being outside everyone! Isn't spring grand?


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                          10K out and back.  Explored some new section of trail I haven't run before.  It took me to a completely different State.


                          I think if I kept going it would've looped around to add a third State to my run.  I'll explore that option later in the season.



                          "C" is for cookie.  That's good enough for me.


                            Some smooth moving through the woods with a shotgun this morning for about 3.5 to 4 miles round trip, just scouting around. Most of that scouting loop was done on game trails that were pretty gnarly, but I know them pretty well. So, I was getting along pretty good. Then, yard work and a 2.5 mile loop through the woods, running. It was a good day. Grilled burgers for the girls; drank a couple of beers. I can't complain. My running calendar is starting to look like a runner's again. I am actually doing a little bit of moving these last two weeks.


                            QOTD: Taking a probation officer hunting in the morning. Then, making a round with my federal agent buddy for a late morning hunt. We have some folks coming over in the late afternoon for some more grilling. I'll slip a 3 miler in there somewhere. Another quick guide trip on Sunday before church, and then, maybe a 6 to 8 miler Sunday evening. Then, next week is the last week of turkey season. I may go dark for awhile. I am booked up everyday. I should start charging money for this stuff.