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    I turned 30 yesterday, so I guess I'm in a new age group bracket.  I also asked my GF of almost 9 years to marry me yesterday (and she said yes) so I got that going for me.






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      Thanks everyone for the congrats...we're both pretty excited!

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        Hello all.


        Ran 6.5 mi Friday on the snow covered trails of Green Lane.


        Saturday, ran the Green Lane Lake Loopie (12.5 -13 miles). The trails were still snow covered and as a bonus there was some light snow falling during the run.


        Yesterday, helped the neighbor scrape ice encrusted snow from their driveway, then went out and ran maybe 4.5 miles on ice crusted/snow covered trails. It was raining in the woods in some places due to freezing rain melting from branches on the treetops. The trails were crunch crunch crunchy and wet wet sloppy underneath. I took some photos (see AT's thread).


        I think this year I've ran in more snow so far than last winter combined and technically winter has not started yet.


        It may be a tough year to keep my tight free and treadmill free running streak alive. I feel I may have a pansy attack at any moment now.   Big grin


        Oh, almost forgot. Today was 6 miles out on the road at lunch. It really was quite pleasant when the cold wind wasn't blowing in your face.

        In dog beers, I've only had one.

          It's a beautiful day out there today.  To bad work gets in the way of running in the afternoon.  May treadmill it tonight or do nothing.  My 15 yesterday was filled with snow (with an inch of cold water hidden underneath) puddles, and nice soft dirt.  The snow really slows you down and gives for a different work out as you slip and slide and run side to side to avoid a puddle (why avoid it I have no clue since the feet are soaked anyways).




          jamezilla: Happy Birthday.  30 wow...ya could be my kid.  Oh and congratulations on your girlfriend accepting. 

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            Mandy - Nice photo. I am happy to hear about your running again.


            JameZilla - 30 and engaged. Congrats on one of those!


            AT - My calves were a bit sore yesterday but I did some foot stretching while watching the NFL.


            Trails n' Cocktails - Hey, that race is very close to me. I suspect it will be a boring course with great post race beer!

            In dog beers, I've only had one.


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              Jamezilla - Congratulations!


              5 miles in the snow, it was wonderful, although the snow is crunchy already. Too much sun, I guess.

              Run for fun.

                Congrats and happy birthday Jamezilla! Keep us posted on the wedding plans. I'm a sucker for that stuff nowadays.

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