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    Should knock out 10 on the road after work.


    QOTD: Maybe some chocolate stouts, but that is about it. I think I will drop beer for the first couple of months of 2014, just to see if I drop a few pounds and run a little faster. I don't drink very much, so I don't know how much of a difference it will make.



    Eat to run, Run to eat

      Got in 8 snowy, icy, ankle turning miles with the wife on the Delaware Canal path. We then proceed to go to WaWa for a hoagie, chocolate milk, and soft pretzel. Tonight it's Delorenzo's Pizza followed by beer. I'm carb loading for something just not sure what yet. Can you say long run tomorrow!


      Dang, that's close.  Come run with us some Saturday.  This week: Mercer park East picnic area, 7:00 AM

      Stone Mill 50m 11/16/13  12:42

      Febapple Frozen 50k 2/22/14  9:20:55

      DIrty German 50m 5/18/14 12:06:16



        Happy Friday all.


        Got in 8.4 stroller pushing miles last night. Tried to make it a Tempo type effort but totally blew up and was forced to walk a few times before I pulled it together. That hasn't happened in a long while, think I was a bit dehydrated...


        jonferg67 - Congrats on the job!


        QOTD: My mom makes lefse that is pretty tasty, but haven't been home the last couple years so I missed out.

        running under the BigSky

          strength training this evening, actually starting to see some modest gains of late- been awhile


          qotd: does a thick slice of rare prime rib w/ horse radish count? Big grin