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This would be a Cool place to put on an ultra... (Read 42 times)

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    Ghost town for sale.  with liquor license!


    the blog writes:


    Crazily enough, it's been in the national news bigtime this past week. ...Due to a Craigslist ad...

    Anyway, we're having an OPEN HOUSE up there this upcoming Sun and Mon, 11/24&25, 2013.

    Why the fuss? Well, it's totally UNIQUE. Seneca is in the Sierras, in the middle of Lassen National Forest in Gold Country, NW of Tahoe, in the Sierras. It's on 10 acres, on both sides of the Feather River.

    And it has a bar (with a liquor license) in an old shack that's still there. There are 3 old cabins that could be put into repair for rustic use. Lots of old Chinese-era mining is still visible through artifacts and changes to the land (they dug trench mines into the hillsides).