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Proper snowfall.. (Read 45 times)


    Courtesy of captain, er I mean winter storm Nemo. Some called it a dud around here, but 2-3" of snow is about perfect.


    A few photos from a little jaunt around the Hay Creek Watershed, Birdsboro PA, starting at French Creek Park. The gun club shooters were kind enough to halt their skeet shooting as we made our way up the hill behind their property. Should have took more photos, but we were too busy enjoying the day. Snow was starting to disappear by the time we finished.


    White trail and white legs.


    On frozen pond


    Quarry Shot


    Quarry Shot w/people


    Walking on Water

    In dog beers, I've only had one.


      Thanks for sharing, XT.  I've only done the trails of French Creek that are part of PCS's "Double Trouble".  Is this the same area?  DW and I should take a trip up there this spring and explore some more.


      Faster Than Your Couch!

        Looks nice, thanks for sharing.


        I love to run in the snow when the sun is shining and it's nice and warm. Still, I am not so sure about the shorts in the snow... tough guys!

        Run for fun.

        Le professeur de trail

          I always wear shorts!


          XT - that last shot, is the person walking on a wire? It's a pretty cool picture.

          The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



          Refurbished Hip

            Nice pictures, XT!  I will be out in PA at the end of the month.


            Computer Geek

              Nice pictures, XT!  I will be out in PA at the end of the month.



              What part of PA, MM?

              Refurbished Hip



                What part of PA, MM?


                I'll be in Philly for a few days.


                  ATRunner - Haycreek is also known as the Birdsboro Water's area on the map below. From French Creek Park, you take the horseshoe trail north out of the park and can hook up with another 10-12 miles or more of trails.




                  FTYC - Temps were mild.. upper 20's to nearly 40 for the finish. Definitely shorts weather. I'd have been roasting in running pants.


                  Boyjame - NO SHE WAS WALKING ON WATER. well actually a cable system strung out over the creek by the rock climbers who don't like to get their feet wet before climbing the quarry cliffs.


                  MMandy - How are the aches these days? Better I hope. If you are in Philly and can run look to go to Forbidden Drive/Wissahicken Park or just wander the boring art museum loop.

                  In dog beers, I've only had one.

                  Refurbished Hip

                    Ohhhh, I'm hanging in there, XT.  I think this is day 103.  Not sure if I'll get to do any running in Philly, but hiking would be nice!  I looked up that park that you suggested -- not too far!  Smile


                    Dirty Girl

                      Nice pics!!

                      But I think quarrys are creepy for some reason, lol.


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