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Easter Sundailies (Read 41 times)

    The pooch and I took it easy with an easy 6 mile trail run, Marley had some fun chasing a fox. The chase didn't last long as the fox holed up in it's den.

    I think this week might have been a PR for weekly mileage (43).


    QOTD: Pass


    Tallahassee, Florida

      Awesome week of running trail tromper.


      Taking the day off. Slammed my foot into a rock yesterday during the Bear Blaster 50k+. Toe is hurting to bad to run. Waiting for the nail to go. Race report sometime tomorrow.


      Happy Easter everyone.

        Happy Easter!

        SRD for me.


        Trailtromper, great job on the weekly PR


        Tmotmo, hope your foot heals quickly.


        QOTD: Peeps, you know the sugar covered marshmallow things, do you like them?

        I can't stand them. They are one of the worst foods on the planet, in my opinion. I don't get why people like them.

        Now Cadbury creme eggs on the other hand, easily my favorite Easter candy. You have got to try their new caramel creme egg.

        Occasional Runner

          Jo and I are being lazy this morning but will be heading out the door for a trail run in a few minutes. I'll probably get in 8-10 miles.


          I'm testing out a new hydration pack that Gregory Packs sent me. I was skeptical at first but ran in it yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. It's actually a great far. If it continues to make me happy, I'll give it the true test and wear it in my 100 miler in a couple of weeks.


          QOTD: I'm not a candy eater, but if I was, I still wouldn't touch those nasty little things.


            Morning trailers!

            Using the fine weather to catch up in the garden.  Good stretching for the hamstrings.  I'll get out for a short run this afternoon just to shake the legs out a bit.


            Happy easter!


            qotd:  I think the only use for peeps are for the Washington Post's annual diorama contest  And, sorry birdwell, not a big fan of those cadbury eggs, either.  Something about a gushy center I can't stand.   Now, if we're talking dark chocolate bunnies....


              An easy 5 miles this morning.  Just enough to get the kinks out.


              Happy Easter everyone.

              Houston Marathon - Jan 14th

              Bear 100 - Sep 28th

                Ran 5 this morning.


                Tmotmo44, hope that toes ok!


                QOTD Marshmallow  peeps are nasty, what I'm hoping the Easter bunny brings are Goldenberg Peanut Chews.  It's  an older candy, kind of dark chocolate covering delicious chewy carmel peanuts!


                  Morning Trailers


                  Woke up to the dog puking on my bed an inch away from my face. So that was awesome... I plan on heading out on the trails after I have my coffee. It may be two strong cups this morning. 3 beers last night did me in. Smile


                  QOTD: I can't properly describe how nasty I think peeps are. I didn't even like them as a kid.


                    Happy Easter


                    Forced  rest day and probably a forced rest week for me. I'm basing this prediction on the pretty colors of my left ankle and foot. Red, blue, purple and even a twinge of green. gotta love rolling ankles Angry.


                    TT - You have to tell Marley to come to an agreement with the fox. If the fox doesn't hole up, Marley will only chase but won't catch. A few years back when I still had a pooch he had one of those agreements with the backyard squirrels. If was rather fun to watch them play ring around the bushes.


                    Tmotmo44 - I feel your pain.


                    Lace - Gregory Packs? I've never heard of them, I'll have to look them up.


                    Runtraildc - Fine weather? Rainy and crappy here again today.


                    Sandy - Sometimes those short runs are just whats needed.


                    RunMuppy - Was that on the trails at the unnameable employer? BTW, even though they are unnameable I still know who it is because I occasionally work across town at the mecca medical center.


                    Snow - Dog puking on the bed? Yuk. I think poor doggy would be banished to the dog house for a while.


                    QOTD: I LOVE candy. I won't touch a Peep. There is something about them that is just disgusting.  DW brought home a Nestle Crunch Easter bunny last night. I was planning on making it last a week.  It lasted 17 hours.

                      Happy Easter everyone!


                      I woke up this morning feeling great, couldn't poke, prod or stretch my achilles or soleus or whatever it was that's been bugging me, in any way that produced pain. All the massaging with a lacrosse ball must have done something yesterday. So naturally I had to go test it out.


                      I ran 4.5 miles, before it became barely noticeably tight, and finished with a little over 6 miles.


                      qotd: peeps are gross, but then I don't like most candy.

                      Pinhoti 100: Finished :D

                      running under the BigSky

                        Happy Easter Trailers!  got in a nice easy 5 miles along the Yelowstone; got a nice 11.5 miler in the hills yesterday- no snow, no ice, no mud- I didn't know what to! Big grin


                        qotd: yeah that would be no; dark chocolate on occasion, but I don't think I'd eat a Peep on bet Smile


                          Hello all... Happy Easter!!


                          Let's see... 7 miles Friday evening on the trails at Green lane... 23 mi Blue Marsh Lake loopie yesterday... 10.5 mi today at French Creek park with the dogs. I call that a 40 mi weekend. Almost feels like I am getting in shape again.


                          QOTD: Love me some Peeps. Can't believe all the peep haters here. Sugary coated marshmallow treats? It's like sugar on whipped airy sugar. What's not to like?

                          In dog beers, I've only had one.

                          Occasional Runner


                            Lace - Gregory Packs? I've never heard of them, I'll have to look them up.


                            I had heard of them, but had never used any of their gear. They make a lot of backpacks and hiking gear, but have a full line of running packs. They sent me a great hydration pack, a waist pack, 2 handhelds, 2 extra bottles and a big duffle that I can use as a race bag. Everything seems to be very well made and I'm really enjoying the hydration pack. A good friend of mine swears by their hydration pack and uses it exclusively. So far I'm very impressed. I love it when people send me free shit.

                            under a rock

                              QOTD: Love me some Peeps. Can't believe all the peep haters here. Sugary coated marshmallow treats? It's like sugar on whipped airy sugar. What's not to like?


                              Exactly! Love, love, love Peeps! Peep lovers of the world unite and take over! Hate Cadbury eggs, blech! But, to each their own. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Variety is the spice of life. And so on and so on... Thank goodness for variety in the world and that we don't all like the same thing.

                                Peeps are OK, but not my fav.


                                Tallahassee, Florida