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    Valerie: We did Mt Rose Meadows to Brockway on Saturday.  We ran into a large group mid way coming up from the Carson side.  Was that your group?



    If you were South of the Meadows you most likely got into the group . We went down to Red House at Tunnel Creek then back almost to the Meadows down and across back to Diamond Peak . There were a lot of people out there .




      6 nice and easy miles yesterday. Rest day today.


      QOTD: No LRS here. I buy everything online. Which sucks. I have a fair amount of ill fitting clothes. But I do find awesome deals. Most of my clothes come from and my last shoes came from zappos.


         When the price is right, I like to use as "one click shopping" is awesome DANGEROUS. 


        Fixed your post. Smile

          Srd...legs are a little sore from the OSS CIA 50. What a tough race. More to come In a rr tomorrow.


          Qotd: we have a true lrs so I try to check that out first. If the prices are close i buy from them.  I try to show my support. Otherwise, online.


          have a nice day all

          Wandering Wally

            Resting today.  Got in 18.4 miles on Saturday, 7 miles on Sunday.


            QOTD - No running store in town.  Usually if I need something I'll check Sierra Trading Post first and then Running Warehouse.  In a pinch I'll check Amazon or the manufacturer's websites (Patagonia, Sporthill, etc).

            Run!  Just Run!


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              Got in a nice 16 mile run up in the mountains. A little warm but the humidity was low and there was a nice breeze.


              QOTD: For shoes I check out the LRS first. That way I can try them on. If they have what I want I buy from them even if the price is a little higher then online. My LRS has pretty good prices on socks so I buy those there as well. If they don't have something in stock then I shop the internet. They don't stock Hokas but would order them for me, but I couldn't return them if the fit was wrong.. I'll buy them online since I can always return them if I have to.


              Faster Than Your Couch!

                Good Afternoon,


                Worked early today, and I'm still waiting for that opportunity to sneak out for a nice run. I guess it's going to be a moonlight session again... Sad

                Temperatures are nice, though, 87 deg now, so it will at least be a comfortably warm night. Now, if the bears have the same idea of cozy... let's hope not!


                Sandy: Awesome view! I don't think humidity in Europe is anything to write home about for you...


                valerie: Beau-ti-ful!! That trail up the ski slope looks a bit steep, though.


                QOTD: I don't go to my LRS often, but when I do, I usually see some nice item that I'd love to have. Then I research online if I can get a deal on it somewhere, or wait until it goes on sale in the LRS. For shoes I go to the LRS if I need to get a new model - I just have to try my shoes on, does not work otherwise. If I need a new pair of my current models, I usually look for it online to get a good deal.

                Online places that work well for me are runningwarehouse, saucony and brooksonline. All have a great return policy, and their products usually fit my shape (and budget, if I can get a sale item).

                Run for fun.


                  5 easy road miles...had a decent weekend (for me) so just wanted to do something relatively easy.





                  Running Warehouse- excellent shipping, good return policy, big selection, and great overall customer I can normally find sales. I have even had a few "issues" and they took care of them no problem.  I like to support companies like that.


                  Zappos, rei, sierra trading post have all been reliable...and almost always can find a lot of sale items.  Very rarely buy anything full retail.

                  Brian Runner


                    Fixed your post. Smile


                    Danger is my middle name!


                      After a father's day all nighter at work, got home around 5pm and got in a few miles on local trails, found a new rogue gate to Mountain Home Road. So fun to have a trails that start and end at the driveway, even if they are supposed to be equestrian only.