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Thawing Thursday (Read 36 times)

    Hi all,


    Got in 5.5 last night....felt more difficult that I expected but I suppose that's because I haven't been running too much lately.


    Might do a "holiday lights run" around South Philly tonight with 150 of my closest friends Wink Did it last year and had a great time. Chris McDougall (of Born to Run fame) showed up last year...sandals and all.  The run ends at a bar, naturally.


    QOTD: Nope.

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      4.9 miles around the neighborhood with the dog this morning. Getting closer to thawing around here, I think it was 25 deg when I headed out.


      QOTD: No sleighs, but have been around a few horses.


        QOTD:  No, but my mom rode in a sheet of horse drawn plywood for a 1/4 mile when she was in labor, since it snowed the day I was born and our cars were snowed in.  Does that count?


        That is so awesome!  I hope someone got a photo of that.

          I have ATD (Attention Treadmill Disorder) and only got in 3 miles on the hammstermill.



          QOTD: No


          I have the same problem, made it  3 miles1 on Tuesday and that's enough treadmill for me for the year.


          Got in 9 last night


          QOTD I've never been on a horse drawn sled, just been on a horse drawn wagon.


            Got out yesterday for a 6+ mile run. First time in quite a while. Won't get any miles in today as I'm on a 24 hour shift. The rest of the month should be better. Took my final Chemistry exam on Monday, got a "B" for the course. No more classes for the next 5 weeks .


            QOTD: Never in a horse drawn sleigh. My grandparents were Old Order Mennonite so I got some buggy and wagon rides, including some in the winter, but never got a ride in a sleigh.

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              No thaw here. Your post reminds me of being down in central FL last month when temps were in the 50's where I saw people bundled up in jackets and tights while I was cruising along the trail in short sleeves sweating my ass off.


              Crisp and cold here today even during midday. I did a hilly 6 mile loop out on the road. A good plan to head out into the wind and finish the loop up with the breeze behind me. Felt downright tropical on the return part of the loop.


              QOTD: Nope, never been on a winter horse drawn sleigh ride. A carriage ride in the fall in the Georgia coastal town of St. Mary's as part of a wedding celebration is the closest I've came to that sort of thing.

              Trapped in the night, moving alone, caught in a world of glass and stone...

              Down to skin and bone.


                I'm doing nothing today...was at holiday party last night and have another tonight.


                weather is thawing...


                QOTD:  Hay ride...buggy rides, no sleigh.

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                  Kinda mild over here in London this week.  Did an easy 4 miles around St James and Green Park this morning.  First run since the 100, felt ok.


                  qotd: yes one evening last winter in Norway. We had a bottle of Aquivit to keep us warm. Huge heavy duty sleigh, and even larger horses.

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