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Faster Than Your Couch!

    8.5 miles, and a garbage bag full of - garbage. I picked it up along the roads as I ran along. Not so much on the gravel roads, folks seem to be pretty good about it, but as soon as I hit the pavement, the clutter just started to jump up at every bend and corner. Well, it's gone now! Big grin


    Legs felt good, so no permanent damage done, although the soreness will probably linger for some more days.

    Run for fun.

    Occasional Runner

      Didn't run this morning because I wanted to sleep a little later. Heading to Alberta and am wasting time at LAX right now. Worst airport EVER!


      QOTD: I hate when we set ONE day aside to honor some idea or movement. Americans are eager to appear interested in a cause and will pretend to be involved, but if it lasts more than 24 hours, we tend to lose interest. I just try to contribute every day and do my best to always do the right thing. I don't need a special day to remind me to be a decent citizen.

      many of those equality signs do you still see as profile pictures on FB right now??? Another example of how we move on to the next cause. In this instance, the next cause was Boston. It's a revolving door of care and concern.

        SRD for the pooch and me.


        QOTD: Long work day, so nothing special planned.  I do try to do the right thing wrt the environment everyday.


        Tallahassee, Florida


          A beautiful earth day here. The rain for now has stayed to the northwest so I was able to run a little over 14 at Donald park. A glorious day out in the woods and prairies. Maybe we have finally turned the corner here with the weather. I hope.  Though it's still winter in the north with a ton of snow up there. I think I'll stay in town this weekend since it looks to be so nice here. Time to do some mountain biking I'm thinking.    Now to clean the garage, yay!


          QOTD--Well I guess if it's a holiday of sorts I better have a beer!!  Big grin




   many of those equality signs do you still see as profile pictures on FB right now??? Another example of how we move on to the next cause. In this instance, the next cause was Boston. It's a revolving door of care and concern.


            It does seem that Americans have a short attention span for disasters.  There seems to be no long term focus on anything. I don't think it is because people really don't care, but because we hear SO MUCH!  Even in the wake of Boston there was a massive explosion in West, Texas, then an earthquake in China.  The Hurricane Sandy disaster is a distant memory to all but those who suffered the devestation.  The Sandy Hook shooting has become mired in the controversey over gun control. I suspect the Boston bombing will soon be overtaken by something else.

              I am going to take the day off from running as I usually do on Monday.  However as soon as I get home from work I am going to jump into the housework.  I guess I work best when I procastinate.


              QOTD:  Nothing.  I plan on celebrating Northern style.


              Jamezilla:  I liked your little 2 foot sapling story.

              shorts n shoes: Nice job on the first hundy!

              Lace-UP:  I agree about lAX as the worst airport ever.  I felt like I was in some third world country!

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                SRD for me today. May go out for a walk in a bit, but that's about it.


                QOTD: Also think it is silly that we need a day to care about the earth. We should probably do that everyday. Ranks right up there with Valentines day.... But I suppose if it gets people to do something good who normally wouldn't, then it's not all bad.

                Makes me think of one of my most memorable clean up the earth activities.... At the end of a backpacking trip in the Colorado mountains and near the end of a 3 mile bushwack down a steep deadfall filled mountain side, carrying a 50lb pack. We came out of the woods on the shores of a beautiful mountain lake. I had parked on the opposite side so had to walk the shore around to my vehicle. Like most easily accessible lakes, there was a sickening amount of garbage scattered about. My wife and I dug garbage bags out of our packs and proceeded to pick up trash along the way, doing a squat with our heavy packs each time we reached for a piece of trash. Of course the shore was lined with people sitting around drinking beer and fishing on a beautiful day, all of them looking at us like we were idiots! No, were not idiots, we just don't enjoying walking through a garbage dump in such an otherwise awesome setting. Hopefully inspired a few of them to pick up a few pieces themselves or at least not dump any more, but sadly probably didn't change anybody's actions.


                  A low mileage last week for me with 38 miles and I will keep it low this week. Been a rough week with a death in the family and Im tapering off for Leona Divide this weekend. Probably a slow 7.5 miles later tonight to keep the legs fresh. So many good race reports this week! Congrats to all that raced this past weekend, its your awesome reports that keep me addicted to this forum.