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The Dead F'ing Last Dirty German RR (Read 50 times)


    Finishing in the top 100 is an awesome accomplishment 


    Eat to run, Run to eat

      Thanks all!!  I learned a lot from you guys, and hope to pass on some of the tricks..hence the long report.  Sorry to all those who caught my least I didn't post an embedded youtube of the puppet show. 


      George WC... Thanks for the photos.. I almost stole some of those for use here..Did I say "Hey!! you're going the wrong way!!" to you?


      Mark Muppy: I left out the bit about your incontinent bladder.  It still cracks me (still wondering if it's you): "is that your lucky yellow shirt" you: "No, not so lucky today. my pack is leaking water all down my ass crack"


      AT:  I jumped as always (for two seperate photogs, even), but so far, no photo.  I'll have to sub the one from Stone Mill.


      Dani TnC: We didn't catch each other??.. YOU couldn't catch ME! 


      boyjame: too easy??.. not easy.. but not as hard as it sounds to go slow for 50.  I'm looking for a 30 hour 100 next...(did I just say that?!?!?)


      jonfer:  I take consolation in completing.  I learned that at my last Ultra, where I also DFL'd.


      Sandy:  I was hoping for a broken cuckoo clock or something like that.  The winners got german weather houses:


      jmctav23:  it is really depressing leaving the party with the music and the food and beer and all, knowing I've got a long way to go..  Always is.


      mtwarden : you are more than welcome to be last instead of me.


      QoN:  I'm glad somebody laughed.


      FTYC:  "True Ultra spirit"  Im touched.. thanks!!


      Gator:  I still haven't actually tried yodelling to "give it away".. I'm sure I will when I hear it one the radio again.


      Birdwell....OOhh, top 100 sounds even better than beating the last 14..

      Stone Mill 50m 11/16/13  12:42

      Febapple Frozen 50k 2/22/14  9:20:55

      DIrty German 50m 5/18/14 12:06:16