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Stone Mill 50 RR (boyjame) (Read 39 times)

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    Long Version:



    Short Version: 50+ miles 10 hours 57ish minutes, met some more RAers, represented Wegman's, overall a good day. Had fun!

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      Damn, I should have stuck with you longer...I'm always worried that I'm pestering people during these things.  I liked the race report.  I can't vouch for the giant man...never saw him myself.  Good meeting you and all.

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        Nice job, Jamie and glad you are running injury free.  Looks like a nice day on a nice course, except for the C&O.  Man I hate the C&O.


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          Thanks for the report. I'll have to keep this in mind for next year. It sounds like fun.

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            Nice job glad you got it done...and thanks for sharing.

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              Haha, A giant man eating beavers could be entertaining!


              Great job! Glad you were able to battle through your injuries this summer and pull off a solid 50 miler. Thanks for sharing.


                Sweet - congratulations!

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                  Wow, great job Jamie. I mostly prefer to run alone, even during

                  races, but I'm always surprised how uplifting it is to run with

                  someone during the hard parts.


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                    Great run Jaime!!  I had the same impression of the C&O; after running 20+ miles of single track, a tow path sucks.  Glad you got a pict of those deer skulls.  You must have hallucinated the Giant Beaver-eater.

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                      Nice job on "faking" a 50, sounds like you had a good time, congratulations!

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                        Damn, I should have stuck with you longer...I'm always worried that I'm pestering people during these things.  I liked the race report.  I can't vouch for the giant man...never saw him myself.  Good meeting you and all.


                        I would not have minded if we ran more together. You were not "annoying" as some were.  But I also figured you would jet ahead at some point.  You had your own race to run.  Thanks for the company.

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                          I think those two shirtless runners dropped at mile 43. They did not even seem like they were in terrible shape, but I think one guy had an injury or something. I was at my "low" at that point, and they actually told me I looked great and cheered me on as I left the AS which was nice.  They also mentioned it was their first 50.....which did not surprise me.


                          Great RR! Glad to hear that you still did well despite "faking" it. Nice to meet you!

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                            Very nice job on your second 50, Jamie!  Smile  I think you wound up faking it quite well!  The trail looked nice -- fairly non-technical singletrack?


                              Thanks for the report. It was good reading. I'm glad that it went well for you.


                              If you're seeing giant men eating beavers after less the 50 miles, what would you be seeing at the 90 mile mark of a 100 Shocked ?

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                                TnC - the shirtless runners said that to everyone (well the taller one anyway).  Maybe if they spent ore time concentrating on their own race, they might have....nevermind.  Maybe they were really nice and I was just annoyed at the moment - not sure. Speaking of nice, the volunteer directing runners across the road and into AS at mile 43 was super supportive and gave me a run down of everything at the AS as I was running by.  He was very dedicated and refreshing to see at that point.


                                Mandy - it is a combo of very runnable single track, a tiny bit of road (maybe like 2 miles), 3 miles of the C & O canal, and some semi technical single track. No rocky trail like we have in PA but the roots are deceptively hidden by the leaves and the hills are rolling.  It is an "easy" course but not fast.  That probably doesn't make sense.  But bottom line is, it's a nice course, great price and great voluneteers.


                                And to clarify, I do not recommending faking a 50.  I think I only got through it because I have been able to build a base over the last three years and mentally knew how the low points would feel.

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