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Remedies for stinky running clothes? (Read 48 times)


    Ok, we probably all have this issue-- a favorite running shirt that you cannot seem to wash the stink out of it.  Any remedies?  Tips?

      Hot water wash in liquid Tide


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        Above, with Borax added.

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          I guess I will have to try the warm water tide with borax. So far, the only thing I have found to combat "permastink" is the trash.


            I will just do smaller loads with more detergent, which seems to do the trick.

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              Just put up with it, until you get used to it.


              The other is rinsing immediately, as in while you are still wearing them, then take off and put them on the shower floor and squeeze 'em with your feet as you wash, then let em drip semi-dry.


              Shoes, on the other hand, are banished to a big basket by the back door.

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                You could try some of this. I've used it once or twice and it seemed to work.


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                  Plain old vinegar . I keep it in spray bottle , spray the clothes before you wash them . No need to soak or do anything else other than the normal wash cycle .

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                    My wife adds vinegar to the wash load.  Seems to work pretty well.

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                      Cold water wash with a half cup of vinegar.  Then, hang it outside.


                        I second Sport Wash!

                          OxyClean, OxyStrong, any of those additives that begin with Oxy. Add about 3 scoops to washer, let it fill with enough water to cover clothes, and soak for an hour before adding detergent and washing as usual. Once stink is gone, use one scoop per wash load to keep it from coming back. I find vinegar is also good for avoiding stink or getting it out if it isn't too bad, but the Oxy stuff is what I need once it does get bad.


                          It's cheap, too. I can get a little tub of it at Big Lots for a couple of bucks, or a bigger one for about $3-4.


                            Thanks, everyone!  I'm trying the vinegar method as the 'laundry softener' in my top loader.  And will try majope's suggestion about soaking in oxy clean.  Now I just need to get back to running regularly...


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                              Yay, Nancy, go!! (That's my motivational input)


                              For the stinky clothes, I wash them twice. First with regular detergent and an extra rinse, then again with Penguin sports wash. That makes the smell go away, but unfortunately does not prevent the clothes from getting smelly fairly quickly again when I wear them.

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