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    No run planned for today. I ran twice yesterday with some hill repeats in the second of 6. Today I start a boot camp at the fitness is outside and it is cold. It is supposed to snow tonight. Will it ever be summer for more than a day?


    Qotd: i think the blood moon will be a no show here DUE TO THE STUPID SNOW!


      QOTD: We have too much nasty weather coming through here tonight to see the blood moon. But, it should break after midnight. I'll be up at 4 drinking coffee and waiting on my brother; I will definitely look for it. Tomorrow may be the best morning we have had all spring for gobbling. We shall see.



      Faster Than Your Couch!

        17 with lots of ups and downs, in the heat and humidity.

        I always waited for the forecasted rain to start, but that never happened. Which confirms that if the precipitation probability is less than 20%, it is a sure thing that it will rain or snow, while at 60-80%, like today, I don't have to worry about getting wet, because it won't rain.


        I ran out of water and didn't have enough food with me (the food being the lesser problem), and the last 5 miles were just miserable. I had followed a new sign, thinking maybe the trail that I knew was the other direction had been re-routed, like some of my other trails, and it turned out the sign was wrong. Thus the long distance, and running out of water.


        Fortunately, I had water in my car, and when I came home, I jumped on the scales, just out of curiosity. I must have lost more than 7% of my body weight (before I had started drinking the water in the car) just due to dehydration. No beer in the house to re-hydrate, so I just had half a gallon of ice tea and some crackers for salt.


        Birthday party for my youngest DS in the evening, making sure I got enough calories back into my system.


        QOTD: Cloudy in my area, so no blood moon tonight, much to the disappointment of DD (who I was planning to watch with).

        Run for fun.


          Got in about four, which was nice since I was tired from the weekend and a little tweaked due to taking this steroid for my allergic reaction.


          Ran just fine considering, but know I have a lot of fitness work to do.


          Created a gelato on the request of a friend to emulate tastes from his favorite ranger bar without the texture.

          It is sort of like a gingerbread rum raisin with crystallized ginger and bourbon instead of rum