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Nittany Valley Half Marathon - RR (Read 198 times)

Le professeur de trail


    Jamie: You have beaten me in a race once already, the 2011 On The Rocks 25k. I was suffering from heat exhaustion, while you were having a blast and beat me by 30 minutes - and that on just 25 k! I don't dare to imagine what you can do to me if you're in good shape and not injured on the longer distances!


    smith: We also have nice trail races in the area, e.g. the Rothrock Trail Challenge in early June (30k, more or less).




    I figure if I beat you, or finish close, it means I ran a good race.  You are a strong runner and have great experience on tech trails.  I never really care about beating anyone.  It's always been about competing against myself and the environment.  Maybe Hyner, maybe not. 


    And Rothrock is a very cool event. 

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