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sugnim ... and someone else who did not make the crossing (Read 62 times)

Uh oh... now what?

    There was a woman in Finland or Norway or Sweden--her husband was teaching

    over there.  They were from Indianapolis area--I think that because she mentioned

    several things I recall being in that area.  The history at RW being gone gone gone.

    It seems like they were returning to the U.S. just about the time the great migration

    took place.


    Seems like she had a forum name that spell check would autocorrect?


    Anyone remember who I am talking about?



        Majope was here for a little while, but the last posts i remember her making was around the new year.


        (I was wondering about her a while ago myself. I made a joke about setting up treadmills in an ice cream production facility to recreate the Scandinavian winters if she started to miss them)


        sugnim also seemed to stop posting around the new year as well. . .

        Uh oh... now what?

          Yup.  Thank you.


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            I may not have given Finland a second thought if it weren't for Majope, I enjoyed

            reading about her runs in that bitter cold last year. Her and her family were just

            moving back to Indianapolis when we were making the crossing.


            I liked sugnim because I'm a jazz fan and thought her screen name was witty.

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              I saw sugnim this last weekend at my race in Missoula, she introduced herself- said she recognized me by my avatar photo, she sounds like she is doing well and shaved over 1/2 hour off her time from last year


              also mia for awhile is Scrapster

              Le professeur de trail

                Maybe turn this into a MIA list....

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                  According to my admin powers, neither has logged in since earlier this year -- February/March.


                    Another MIA--Longbeard.

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                      Another MIA--Longbeard.


                      I see him in the FB group all the time.


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                        Didn't "TheBanshee" post over here a bunch...I see her posting stuff on the Beginner's forum, but not here.

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                          Didn't "TheBanshee" post over here a bunch...I see her posting stuff on the Beginner's forum, but not here.

                          She was never very involved here.


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                            I miss the people who are MIA!


                            Banshee is going to do the OC, probably 100k distance, but I haven't heard from her since I signed up earlier this year.

                            Run for fun.

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                                PR won't come back.  I've tried with the other two...Maine Gal just sent me beer last week Smile