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RR - Grizzly Peak 50k (Read 49 times)

Le professeur de trail

    Congrats! That's some nice elevation.  Were the climbs big, lots of rolling climbs, combo? Just curious.


    To add to the discussion on runners vs racers.....I like the runners stuff.  That is me and where I want to be.  I mean it would be nice to actually be able to compete but since I can't, I love the "running" aspect of it.  Just enjoy it!

    The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



    Ultra Cowboy

      There was a little of everything.  While you didn't have to find Handholds, there were some staircase steep sections that just took some concentration.



      I noticed when it was down to me and the last of the marathon and 50k runners on the course, the conversation became very encouraging, and I found that telling someone "looking good" made ME feel better.