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    So I was watching a video yesterday about the Tarawera race in New Zealand (I have the flu so nothing better to do than watch videos and dream) and saw that the awesome ultra runner from Japan, Hiroki, was drinking something that appeared to something similar to Green Machine from Naked Juice. It probably was some sort of special concoction of ingredients made by him, but it looked similar. I am a huge fan of the Naked Juice products, but have any of you ever used juices in training or racing as opposed to eating aid station food? They are pretty high in calories and, from what I can tell, natural sugars so wouldn't it be a good alternative of something to throw in a drop bag or to use as a supplement? I have a really hard time sticking to the 300-400 calories per hour and I know that people have posted things about using products like Pediasure for dense calories. Just wondering your thoughts.


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      I often use my "magic potion" instead of a sports drink, which is essentially 1/3 juice and 2/3 water, and salts. Pure juice is too concentrated and sweet for me. Grape juice has an almost ideal mix of glucose and natural fructose for endurance performance, contains a lot of potassium, and it has a strong taste that masks that of the added salts, so I like using it for the potion.


      I have tried pure juices as well, and I can have samll amounts, less than 4 ounces per portion, instead of gels, otherwise I get sick from the sweetness. They don't have a lot of calories for nutrition, though, so a nutritional shake, like Pediasure or Ensure, works better. For me, however, those shakes contain too much fat and make me sick. I do better on Hammer's Sustained Energy mixed with Perpetuem (Perpetuem alone is also too heavy for me), solid food, and/or protein drinks (I like the Proasis drink, it is concentrated and does not contain fat, which tends to make me nauseous).


      400 calories per hour seems a lot to me, I'd not be able to digest that, but if you do fine on it, stick with it. I have had pureed fruit after runs, and that worked very well, but they spoil quicky in the heat and are therefore not great to take along.

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        On long rides/runs, I mix Carbo Pro with Enervit G, but this is along the line of 2:1 maltodextrin/fructose.


        And yes, you can do 400 calories an hour this way. This is great for very long rides ... for runs I cannot tell since I have never run more than 6 hours