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    The pooch and I had a great 4 mile trail run this morning.  We did a brisk tempo.


    QOTD: I got nothing


    Tallahassee, Florida

    Le professeur de trail

      I am resting today.  We'll see what tomorrow holds.  Thinking of 15 or so on the AT.  (AT runner - how is teh AT south of Boiling Springs?" It's been years since I hiked that section)



      QOTD: Today is Mandy's 30th b-day.  If you could get her anything what would it be?


      The ability to run now is the obvious answer.

      The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



      Occasional Runner

        Just got back from another great trail run in the Navajo Nation. Heading to ABQ soon for a flight home, then headed directly to Zion for a weekend of trail running. Sometimes I really love my life.


        QOTD: I would bestow upon her the greatest gift of all. The ability to run. But she would probably fuck it up, so I would probably buy her a Slinky or some such shit.


          Morning trailers.  I'm laid up with a bad bug.  Up all night staring at the "Ty-D-bol" man.  Head is splitting and I can't stand without getting dizzy.  Not fun.  Have a 15 miler planned for tomorrow, so hope it's a fast bug.


          Jamie - AT is real nice from Rt 34 south to Pine Grove furnace.  You can divert to Pole Steeple for a nice view.  Between Rt 34 and Boiling Springs,   I don't remember any big climbs.  It's typically rocky in parts but runnable.


          QOTD: There is only one answer, the gift of running health.  Happy birthday, Mandy.


          Computer Geek

            Morning all.....8.5 miles last night around the neighborhood.  It was a slow pace on tired legs.  We've been having a "biggest loser" competition at this week I have been really playing the game and, basically, starving myself and not rehydrating properly.....this morning was the final last nights run was more of a water cut than anything else.  lol   I know its not smart training....but it was a competition and I HATE to lose.  Smile   today is all about eating and drinking to get my body back to some semblance of normal.



            qotd:   you all are so thoughtful with your "running health" answers......I'd get that girl a single version of me!   Big grin Big grin Big grin

            Uh oh... now what?

              Oh boy (Oh person?)!  The wind is steady at 34, gusting to 46... 18-minute mile into the wind, 9:44 coming back, so glad to reach the shelter of  the trees.  Lots of high white caps, rolling logs, and cold wet salt water spray... and birds floating and diving as if all is normal, which it is, for them.


              QOTD:  Well, since she can't run... time, a backpack and a pair of sticks and a ticket to [... ] with directions (or not) for a long walk.  And a muffin.


                Maybe 5 or 6 later. I am not sure. I was going to run tomorrow morning, but I may opt out and go sit by a tree at daybreak to see if I can see or hear a turkey. It is early yet, but my mind has wandered to spring already.


                QOTD: I would give her the ability to run again, also. I know that has been a difficult thing to deal with, and I can't imagine being out of running for this long.


                running under the BigSky

                  3-4 miles of hill training this afternoon on tap; mentioned in yesterdays daily but rather late- if you get a chance to catch a documentary called "Running the Rez" I think you'll really enjoy- chronicles two rival high school xcountry teams in N Arizona- one predominately Hopi, the other Navajo-great film Smile


                  AT Runner- hope you don't have what I got last Friday; I was 5 days getting over mine- wasn't puking after the first day, but very weak, headachy and stomach was very unsettled Sad


                  qotd: good health and a long life


                  Faster Than Your Couch!

                    Good Morning,


                    Hoping to still get in a few miles soon, before my hair appointment. I have never seriously thought a hair appointment could keep me from running, LOL, but the cats were out of food since last night, so I caved in and went grocery shopping this morning. I guess that could count as the long run?


                    TT: With this speedwork, you're setting yourself up for being left behind by your dog soon. Just sayin... hopefully your temperament is not competitive. Big grin


                    Jamie: Enjoy the rest! Is there still snow on the AT? Lots of white fluff on the Midstate Trail (which makes it runable, the only time of year when it is runable!).


                    lace: sounds like a wonderful morning run! Safe travels!


                    AT: If you have the same thing that went through my family a couple weeks ago, it will last 2 days (the second day is just dizzyness, fatigue, exhaustion). Hope you'll recover soon!


                    mecrowe: Sounds as if it was a "Miss Universe" pageant. Enjoy the recovery!


                    John: Glad the wind did not blow you away. The birds are just amazing with their survival skills.


                    LB2: That turkey ambush sounds tempting. Hope you'll get your run in, too!


                    Edit: warden: Nice workout. I think you gave me some inspiration now for a quick, yet challenging, workout!


                    QOTD: As I cannot bestow the ability to run again, I'd give her a second dog, a somewhat calm one. It could play with Bella, so that she's not too antsy, and be great for long walks. And a cupcake (actually, three then, one for Mandy, one for each dog).

                    Run for fun.


                      Rest day for me today. Have 18 planned for tomorrow, so looking forward to that.


                      TT: I'm new around here so maybe you have said before, but what kind of pooch do you have? One of the major reasons I became a regular runner was to burn off some of my German Shorthair's energy.  Love watching a dog run around effortlessly while I'm suffering!


                      AT: Hope you kick that bug and get out for some miles.


                      QOTD: Happy 30th Mandy! Maybe get you a 6 pack to help deal with the lack of running?

                      Ultra Cowboy

                        Last nights scheduled 6 mile trail run was amended to be a 10 mile road run with music...8 miles of trail is on tonight's plan but no solid destination in mind.


                        Tangent story relating to Thursdays QOTD....

                        Interesting musical assortment that came up during my run.  At the Halfway point just after I "topped out" in elevation, a Roger Creager song "Good old days"   came up on shuffle as I hit the down hill came on and I reflected on Thursdays topic....


                        The words that resonated were:


                         Living here in the Good Old days
                        While they're going on around us
                        Thinking we've got it made
                        When the music has found us.
                        Ain't no need to back track I don't want to look back.
                        Now we've really got it made.
                        Think I'll just stay right here in the good old days.


                        So for Mandy's birthday, if her groin could handle it......




                        .....I'd bring the horses to take her for a sunset ride .




                          Hello all. Last night was the standard 8.5 mile rail trail run with LadyB. Fast finish/negative split... 7:30ish pace feel hard these days. Sad


                          Today, took the Lady and SirB out to Monocacy hill for a nice 6 miles on the trails. We finished up the run with an out/back that went up/down the namesake hill. It's a good one to finish up on and sits high above the surrounding countryside.


                          QOTD: Well the obvious answer is a healthy set of legs so she can be out running again.



                          Low_O2: Welcome!! Hey, my dog LadyB is a german short haired pointer. A whitey. She is super fast and tireless. We rescued her a year ago. She is 6 y/o now and has a very good life. My other dog is a springer.

                          In dog beers, I've only had one.

                            Afternoon folks!

                            URD for me. I got called into work at 1:30 a.m., went for 14.5 hours straight. Remember Lace's QOTD about who we'd like to sponsor us? I'd like my work to sponsor me, and take me off the dang call schedule, and maybe, just maybe get me some regular hours that don't get in the way of my training routine. All I want is 5:00 a.m. to 7 a.m., is that to much to ask?


                            anyway, i'm not going to even try to run today. Plus I'm on call the entire weekend. Hopefully I'll be left alone long enough tomorrow morning to get in 10-12.


                            QOTD: I give everyone I know the same present. . . . . perspective (yeah, i'm cheap)


                              5th day w/o running for me.  I'm going to go out for a little bike ride to get the blood circulating though.  I may do a few miles tomorrow morning.  All these rest days are setting me up nicely for the Hell's Hills 50 miler in April don't you think?


                              qotd: The gift of being able to run pain free.  Hell I'd love to give that to you even if it wasn't your birthday.

                              Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7

                                My running sucks but I like the QOTD: Soul a mate who loves dogs, running in the woods, camping, drinking beer and Mandy  (oh yea and he's rich).

                                08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

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