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    FTYC, hope your little guy is feeling better by now.


    I also slept in this morning, will do 5 miles after work again today.  The ankle felt fine yesterday, so I hope that I turned the corner on that.


    qotd:  I have a road 5k planned for up in FTYC's area on New Year's Eve.  but then again I do need to see if I can get some longer runs going again. 


    I'm doing a road marathon on Jan 13th and have to re-introduce myself to pace, splits, time goals, placement, water stops, drinking out of paper cups while swerving around people, throwing paper cups on the ground, negative splits, pace groups, bands, spectators, public address announcements, running with 25,000 other people, family reunion area...  oh never mind, I guess I'll just cruise through it and have fun.

    Next up:

    Grindstone 100 mile, Oct 7


      MM:  glad you still have 4 limbs.

      EDRW:  hope you feel better!

      Sandy:  roads for 26.2?  Don't do it!  Smile


      Lunch time workout:  30+ min. on the elliptical.  Got my HR up pretty good and a decent workout on the legs w/the resistance.  Then some core and lower body work with weights.

      Ultra Cowboy

        SRD here. 


        FTYC best wishes to the Croupy kid.  Rest up...


        Lo special runs. Staying local for the holidays.



        running under the BigSky

          FTYC- hope the little guy is on the mend


          a really nice 8.5 miles in the hills; perfect snow to run in (~3")- mule deer, turkey, rabbit and coyote tracks- not a single sign of man (except the tracks I was leaving Smile)


          qotd: no special runs planned, but my wife and I have a couple of nights booked at Chico Hot Springs so we'll get three good days of x-country skiing (and soaking!)

           “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn't matter whether you're the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you'd better be running.”                                                                           

            FYTC, sick shortlings are no fun. I hope he starts feeling better.


            i was planning on getting up early for 8 this morning, then I worked a 17 hour shift yesterday. So I'm going out tonight for 5 or 6 on the bike path.


            QOTD: I'm planning a 5-6 hour training run on New Year's Day to evaluate my fitness level for Moabs Red Hot.  Nothing else planned. 

            Uh oh... now what?

              North Park, Deer Lakes Park, Yough River Trail, wherever really. 


              John, steady state will be in the pace range from McMillan based on my half marathon time. I preferably starting at the slower send and getting into the faster end as I warm up. If I just don't have 'it' today then it will be as evenly paced as I can get it at the right effort level. 

               In my ignorance I can't follow this...

              if you run at a steady pace, the effort varies;

              if you run at a steady effort, the pace varies;

              how wide is the pace range?


              I have a lot of trouble running pace, because

              of the ups and downs--trail's fault, certainly

              not mine.


              Faster Than Your Couch!

                Thank you all for your good wishes for DS. He's better, but his voice is still bad, he is barking, and he can't run without getting short of breath. I guess a few rest days will be in store for this little one.


                Sandy, the First Night 5k? My running buddy will be in it, so I might come and cheer.

                I had to laugh at your list of marathon tasks. Hardest for me in road races is dopping the cups on the ground!

                Run for fun.

                Trail Monster

                   In my ignorance I can't follow this...

                  if you run at a steady pace, the effort varies;

                  if you run at a steady effort, the pace varies;

                  how wide is the pace range?


                  I have a lot of trouble running pace, because

                  of the ups and downs--trail's fault, certainly

                  not mine.


                  9:25-9:52 is my pace range. I started out around 10:30 miles and then dropped into then9:40's after the first mile. Stayed there until 4.5 miles and then slowed back down to 10+ pace until I hit 5 miles. I have some really sore quads from yesterday's strength training so I was pleasantly surprised I didn't have to push harder than I should to hit the paces.

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                    Took the day off as I am experiencing knee pain that is probably ITB..stretched last night and will do again tonight.  I feel funky and may be getting sick so will crawl into bed very early. 


                    QOTD: No special plans but I am going to Michigan for Christmas and hope to have some awesome snow runs.  Need to consult with Micheal Smith on what to bring for clothes. 


                    Sandy: I ran the CIM two weeks ago and it was dumping rain.  It bummed me out that everyone was tossing their gel wrappers and paper cups on the ground because they were all heading to the gutters and out to the Sacramento/American River. 

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                      Was able to get in 6 miles with the mister in the dark on the trail last night. It's so nice to have him back, and his knees are holding up.  Smile

                      QOTD: we just got an email last night about a 5K on the 23rd and I think we may do it, just for the hell of it.  The mister and I are BOTH off between Christmas and New Year's, so we plan to explore several state parks that are near us that we just don't get a chance to try very often. 

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