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What else would you take in your pack? (Read 59 times)

running under the BigSky

    I tend to be a little bit of a boy scout, but I also tend run in remote locations w/ little to no cell phone coverage


    you hit the biggest item- let someone know where you're heading and when you expect to be out


    I have a small cuben fiber roll top stuff sack (waterproof) that is carried w/ me even on short trail runs it has TP (I actually find cut up blue shop "towels" to be far better than TP); small (very small) first aid kit- steri-strips, small roll gauze, folded up duct tape, leukotape wrapped around a vial of benzoin for blister, small amount of meds- ibuprofen, aspirin, antihistamine, imodium; fox whistle and swiss army classic (has tweezers and scissors in addition to a blade) on a lanyard and a small fire kit- sparklite, mini bic and 4 tinder tabs; Petzl elite headlamp


    this little kit is small and only weighs a coule of oz and can easily move pack to pack


    when the runs get longer I add a two person heatsheet, $2 1 oz poncho, windshirt, beanie, gloves, buff


    really long and really remote, I'll add an insulating layer, a light bivy and a better headlamp


    water and food is run dependent, I do use a steri-pen in the mountains where water is plentiful which cuts down significant weight in water carried


    I've been on too many search and rescue efforts where folks were poorly dressed, under equipped and never left an itinerary- I really don't want to be that person Smile


      Thinking about doing a 30/40 mile solo run and know I need more than just my standard bottle and gels.



      CONTENTS shortlist:

      Water- think I'm ok, although I need to carry all of it

      Food-think I'm ok, including emergency extra

      Additional Clothing- Jacket, underlayer, tights, hats, extra change, emergency blanket


      Matches. flint, other fire

      Bee sting kit/First Aid/Vasoline/allergy and other meds

      Sunscreen/insect repellent


      Bear Spray/other spray



      Mirror/Signal indicator

      Small tarp- thinking of a makeshift shelter for a few hours or other other protection

      Garbage bags/poop bags

      Some sort of GPS thing???


      I was gone or I would have jumped into this thread right away.  I have gone with less stuff on a week long backpacking trip into the mountains or a week long solo canoe trip in Ontario. You carry all that stuff and the other suggestions and it won't be a run anymore. About a 30 min/mile pace at best and your knees and other joints will be doing some screaming. Then it just becomes fast-packing and you may as well spend a night out there. And that's fun too.


      I have done 30 mile plus runs unsupported before in the mountains so I have some experience with it. Go light--you're worried about that sprained ankle, well try running mountain trails carrying way too much weight and you'll be lucky if a sprain is all you get. Smile  I guess I'm assuming you are heading to the mountains??


      I'll do this like trailtromper


      matches, flint, etc. ---Why?


      Bee sting-- see trailtrompers answer


      sunscreen, repellant--sure. you can get very small light containers of both


      compass, map--YES! I would also carry a good hand held GPS with good mapping features. I assume you're somewhat experienced in route finding. It can get a little confusing out there especially when you're getting tired. You don't need bonus miles wandering about.


      Bear spray--where are you going?  There are only a couple places in this country I would worry about taking bear spray.


      tape, knife, etc.--Nope


      Headlamp--yes. you can carry a small headlamp and a real small flashlight. very light. I would do both but small light ones.


      mirror/signal device--nope


      small tarp--why?  the smallest light tarps like a good sil-tarp weigh about a pound and is the size of a softball compressed. Plus they are about $100.00. I guess you could carry a cheap survival space blanket if it gave you piece of mind and if you worry about being caught in a monsoon for hours may help but I would skip it.


      garbage bags/poop bags--huh? Again I ask where are you going that you need to bag your dung? If you're going into some desert areas I guess but then you certainly won't need bear spray. I would just carve out a hole with the heel of your foot and squat. Cover nicely and say some kind words. Yes T.P. is required, at least in my opinion.


      Instead of a garbage bag or a tarp I would just tie a lightweight rain coat that works for running around your waist.   I use a Marmot Pre-clip. It is fabulous.


      Water amount--Again where are you going?  Hopefully you have some idea of your own hydration requirements as how many ounces per hour so you can plan. If you are going thru an area with streams or ponds carry a filter setup of some sort that you are used to using. I strap a Sweetwater filter to the outside of my pack. It's what I use backpacking  and I like it. It's gonna be a little heavy for long runs but it is still lighter than carrying a ton of water.


      You say you need to carry all your water. Wow, that might be a LOT of water to get thru up to 40 miles. Your pace on a run like this will be a lot slower than you think and your needs will be at least 20 oz. per hour. At least.


      Food-- just look at how many hours you think you'll be out there and carry enough calories for that time. Don't carry more than you need or again your pace will slow and you'll be out there longer and then you will need the additional food you brought Big grin.


      BTW-I don't think your crazy at all. I love these kind of adventures. Go for it. Have fun.  But where did you say you were going? Smile


      Also-- I read thru this quick but not sure if anyone mentioned a camera or your phone anyway to at least take some pics.


      Summing it up---GO LIGHT. This is not a Lewis and Clark expedition. Light and smooth.