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    I was waiting to post a review on Tailwind until I had used it on several runs.  I bought two sample packs 2 months ago and wanted to test out the product.  It sounded good to have fluid, electrolytes and calories all together and I was hoping it would make life a bit easier for me on long runs.  I am not a fan of Hammer products (sorry Lace) and it's not for lack of trying.  They just don't work for me, between mixing the Perpetuem and spoil issues (after 4 hours in a bottle) and I tend to get some stomach issues after 3-4 hours.  So I was looking for something that would work for me.


    I decided to experiment with bottles first and then move to a bladder after I figured things out.


    I started with 2 scoops (200 cal per bottle) for my 22 oz bottles and carried my bottles in my SJ vest.  The first long run (3 1/2 hours) I felt like I was a bit low on calories toward the end and was supplementing with some gel blocks to get the calories I needed (I'm 6' and almost 200 lbs).  The taste was easy and mixing was no problem.  The first sip was a bit salty, but after that I didn't notice the salty taste.


    Second run (4 hours) I mixed 3 scoops in one 22 oz bottle and water in the other.  I had a Ziploc with 3 more scoops ready for my refill.   This time, there was a noticeable boost from calories, and I alternated Tailwind and water for the run.   I refilled my bottles after close to 2 hours.  For the run I had 600 cal from Tailwind and had another 250 cal from gel blocks.


    Next run was using my bladder with 60 oz for a 3 hour run.  I put 6 scoops for 600 cal.  Mixing in bladder was very easy, and it dissolved almost immediately.  I tried only Tailwind on this run and probably consumed 50 oz before I finished.  This went well, but I have a problem drinking enough fluid when I use a bladder since I'm unable to see my consumption and feel like I'm always rationing out my supply.


    Next I used it on my 100k and based on comfort I opted for bottles.  I alternated 1 bottle of Tailwind with 2 scoops (200 cal)  and 1 bottle of water.  When I had water, I used gel blocks or AS food.  I felt like this was a good balance for me and was able to get 250 cal per hour and plenty of fluid on what was very comfortable weather.  I had no stomach issues at all.



    1) Easy to mix

    2) All flavors have pleasant taste and are easy to drink even after several hours

    3) No stomach upset at all (I do well with little to no protein)

    4) 100 cal / scoop makes for easy math

    5) 1 scoop  has 303 mg of sodium (1 S-cap has 341 mg), so might be too high in sodium for some if consuming 2-3 scoops per hour.

    6) I seemed to do better with alternating Tailwind and water (but had to add calories from gel blocks or food)


    This is something I plan to continue using.  I don't think I can rely solely on Tailwind for all my needs on long runs, but it does break up the monotony of only blocks, and I don;t have to think about electrolytes.  The flavor is a big plus, and I liked Lemon the best.

      Thanks for the review! I received a sample in my Trail Box last month and have been waiting til my next long run to give it a shot.

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        Thank you for the review!

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          Cool, thanks, AT!  I've never been a fan of liquid calories in my bottle while running, but I am on the bike.  Maybe I'll snag a sampler pack.


            Thanks for the detailed review! I have been reading a bit about Tailwind lately and am considering giving it a try. Sounds like it might be a good option.


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              I'm a huge fan,  I've been using it and so has my husband most of this year . We had our first hot run over the weekend it was 80+ and we were at over 8,000' . It worked great .


              One thing I did notice , mixing it a bit light it works better for me , might be a body weight issue for women . My husband uses 2 scoops per 20 oz of water and is fine I do better with 1.5 scoops per oz of water . Ladies might need to experiment with that . I also suffered with stomach issues and the Hammer products,  which are great , just didn't work out well for me . I haven't had any trouble so far this year .


              Super customer service , nice people , I would also recommend it to anyone looking for something that is all in one and can go into your hydration bladder .


                Super customer service , nice people , I would also recommend it to anyone looking for something that is all in one and can go into your hydration bladder .

                +1 on the customer service.  Even got a hand written note from the guy when I ordered.  Very fast shipping as well.  Said it would be 3-5 days and I got it in 2.


                DW has used it, but likes to watered it down as well.


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                  Sounds really good. Maybe I'll try it.


                  On the sodium: Although the individual need may be different, for most runners anything between 500 and 1,000 mg per hour works best. So the 3 scoops per bottle are ok if you consume around 1 bottle of Tailwind per hour, and use plain water to top off your fluid needs in between.

                  Run for fun.

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                    I ordered the sampler pack to try...on the bike Smile


                      5) 1 scoop  has 303 mg of sodium (1 S-cap has 341 mg), so might be too high in sodium for some if consuming 2-3 scoops per hour.


                      S-Caps claims that they list sodium as the element and other companies list it as table salt therefore S-caps give more sodium per serving then other products. Do you know if that is the case with Tailwind?


                      I recently tried Perpetuem and Endurolytes Fizz. I kind of like the Perpetuem but can't stand the fizz, so I end up not drinking as much as I should.  Since S-caps seem to give me too much sodium, unless it's really hot, I'm going to try the Endurolyte capsules. Since I'm having some problems with electrolytes I'm always on the look out for something that works better.

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                        thanks for the review, might have to try some- had never heard of them before- that's why I like this forum Big grin


                        I've had pretty good luck w/ Perpetuem (2 scoops to a bottle), save one time when I mixed it too strong and had stomach issues


                          I ordered up a sample pack of Tailwind and got it on Saturday. Too late for my long run, but used it on Sundays 10 miler. I mixed up a handheld with ~200 calories worth of the berry flavor and drank only that during the pretty warm run. I enjoyed the taste and didn't have the urge to wash it down with water. That run wasn't really long enough to get a good idea of energy levels and stomach issues, but so far so good. Looking forward to trying it out on a longer run.


                            * BUMP *  ~  There have been a few questions lately on the dailies, so I thought I'd revive this thread.



                            I've been using Tailwind for just over a year, and still like it.   I now mix it lighter than I did after my first review.  Now using 1 1/2 scoops per 22 oz bottle.   I will supplement with gel blocks as needed, so not relying 100% on it.


                            In my 24 Hr race, I stopped using it after about 13 hours due to "taste factor" alone.  I simply wanted to eat some solid food, so switched to water with food.


                            How is everyone else doing with it?

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                              I ordered the sampler pack to try...on the bike Smile


                              And it works great on the bike!  I have no idea how it works running.  I still have my sampler pack from last year left to use up...I can't remember which flavor I liked best.

                                I find it's just too sweet for me, even the naked flavor.  And I've gotten nauseous with it my last two long runs.  To each their own.

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