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My accident - brief update (Read 76 times)


    I've never talked to you, but I did hear about this accident.  My heart truly goes out to you.  You're obviously a very mentally and physically tough person, and as you're going through this, I'm sure these qualities will serve you well.


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      I'm glad to hear you're at rehab. It's  almost always positive to leave the hospital for rehab. Work hard and get out soon!!


      Drunk Drivers suck.


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        Thank you for keeping us updated. I'm so glad you survived this a d did not suffer a head trauma. I'm sure with your determination you'll speedily cover that long road of recovery. Let us know how things develop along the way!

        Run for fun.


          All settled in at home. Mac McCreary helped load the car for us at the hospital. A HUGE help. I slept in bed this afternoon, but the Lazy Boy in my office works best. Michael did a great job on carpenter jobs for me. A snap to get up and down levels. Susiegot me a wheelchair and raised commode seat with handles. A requirement since our toilet is lower than most. Tomorrow to Indy after lunch for my ortho appointment. I see the films and how many pelvic fractures I have. Hopefully the break is holding and we can avoid surgery. So happy to be home. Oh, and alive.


            One long day.


            Susie, Jenn and I up to Indy Methodist for ortho. Too many hours sitting in a car or wheelchair before finally getting home - lots 'o pain today. When sitting, I am on a clean break on the back left pelvis, plus four fractures in the front. For short distances, I use a walker with virtually no touch and no pressure on the left leg. Longer distance, I have to use a wheelchair.


            No left foot touch for another 5 weeks or more. Then we X-ray again, and then maybe crutches with ever slightly increasing weight bearing until no crutches. Running will come eventually. This will be a long rehab. My four broken ribs are bothering me again, but hey - suck it up buttercup! No further internal bleeding.


            Tuesday back to spine doc to evaluate my C7 neck fracture. Hopefully I can lose the neck brace! Pain in many places, but on we go.


            I will do home rehab with relentless forward progress.


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              I wish more of my patients were like you.  Determined, looking at and for progress, willing to work to get back to where you were.


              All the best in your recovery.



              "C" is for cookie.  That's good enough for me.


                Such a horrible thing to happen. I'm glad you at home and making progress. The hundred miles you trained for are ahead of you....just a different tempo than you planned. It sounds like you have a good attitude and plenty of determination.

                Did they get the person who t-boned you?


                Good luck...keep us posted!


                  Thanks for the update, Charles.  Looks like you are approaching this like an ultra, looking only at the current mile ahead and not what's 100 miles ahead.


                    Yes, I see it as a life issue ultra with many of the same problems that trail and timed ultras serve up.

                    Good to go - not aways fun, but worth the journey in the long run.

                    Yes, they got him.

                      Thanks for the updates.

                      it sounds like you have a tough road ahead, but also you understand just what to do to get back to where you want to be.

                      Whenever I get in a low spot,I remind myself what Kermit the frog said "you must first walk through the darkness of the storm to see the beauty of the rainbow" pretty smart for a puppet!

                        A lurker here sending you more good wishes.  Dang, that's a lot of broken stuff.  Hoping your recovery goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

                          Wow.  Just catching up on my lurking and saw these threads.  I'm so glad you're doing better Charles.  What a horrible collision - it's great that you are feeling so positive right now, but we're happy to sympathize with you on bad days too.  You're entitled to a great deal of whining and cussing!

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                            Great attitude! Please keep us updated as your positive outlook is infectious (yes I know that sounds selfish).  Wishing you the best.  RFP is right....keep at it.

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                              Hang in there. As AT said, one "mile" at a time.


                              Take care.

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