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Mundane Monday (Read 42 times)


    SRD as well.


    Ankle is a bit better, so going to throw caution to the wind and ramp up.


    QOTD: Dark chocolate


    What happened to your ankle? Want to start a bad ankle subforum together?

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    4/19 Tehama Wildflowers 50k



      SRD today.  Might have to get up pretty early tomorrow to get in a run before temps get to above 90 degrees.  DD#1 went back to Portland, OR yesterday.  Always sad when she goes.


      QOTD:  As long as it's in a cookie, I don't care.


        Didn't get out for a run today. Got out of work late and very tired. Took a nap then didn't feel like running now it's off to my personal defense class which I actually hate. Only two more classes to go. Yay.


        QOTD: I prefer milk chocolate but can eat it in almost any form. We just had a sophisticated conversation at work last week about chocolate. Since it grows as a bean it should be classified as either a fruit or a veggie, therefore if we eat chocolate we are getting our fruit or veggie allotment for the day. Right?


        And I agree that white chocolate should be named something else.

          Morning folks,


          Back home after my time in Southern Utah. I like seeing the high desert but man it's great to see the lush green forest and fields around here. Not to mention all the blue lakes and rivers. Good to be home. Also my question--how can anyone actually live in that relentless sun and heat?   Anyway I survived biking slickrock and I was able to do some hiking and a little running in Buckskin gulch which has been a goal for awhile.




          Nice to see you enjoyed my neck of the woods! I've had buckskin on my list for a little while too. Glad you enjoyed the slickrock, it's definitely a unique experience.

          running under the BigSky

            to borrow someone's earlier acronym- STD for me (scheduled travel day) Big grin  a long day driving, two days off so tomorrow I need to get after it


            qotd: definitely dark chocolate, heck it's even supposed to be good for you!


              Monday was supposed to be a rest day, but I ran last night because I had to do bills on Tuesday morning (I may need to run again today after that...).


              QOTD: I prefer milk chocolate.