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Faster Than Your Couch!

    Good Afternoon,


    15 technical miles on the mountain. Am I the only one who finds running for miles and miles on highly technical, yet flat trail exhausting?


    I also discovered a new type of technical terrain: fist-size to basketball-size sharp rocks, and the occasional log across the trail, hidden by grass overgrowing the trail from the sides so densely that you don't have the slightest clue where your foot will strike, going on for long stretches, not just the occasional overgrown patch. Great core and ankle training, to say the least!


    I didn't fall until 10 yards from the paved road, when a large rock at the very last creek crossing dislodged, and I got slammed onto the sharp, pointed rocks with my whole body. New experience to me. Now I my thigh has a hand-sized abrasion, and several bruises, and my back and shoulder are also nicely bruised. I got so angry that I ran that last half mile on the road at just an insane pace, even though I was dehydrated and had been out of fuel for a while already.


    QOTD: No. But every time I trip, I yell at myself: Lift da feet!!

    Run for fun.


      10 miles on the TM at 4 am.


      QOTD: I have been running with my shirt off more lately so I can feel like an elite runner, but look like an elite in an eating contest Big grin

        Got in 6 this morning after 8 rainy miles last night. Legs feel tired but overall I'm doing great. It is crazy how much faster I am recovering.


        qotd: Not really in training. Late in races when my form starts slipping I try to correct it but thats about it.


        FTYC- You are always trying to hurt yourself!!! Didn't you take a big stumble down a hill a few months ago. Be careful. Sounds like a great run though. And I'm glad it is not just me that is always falling or tripping right before the end of the trail/race. I took a spill at this past weekends race with about 2 miles to go. Couldn't help but laugh.


          8 this afternoon after my meetings


            6 road miles....felt ok, but have planned rest day Thursday and I can tell I need it.

              6.4 this am with Earl..that's about it.


              QOTD:  I'm I working on something when I run.  Not really when I head up a hill I work at keep going when I feel like quitting.

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