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Such is the Sundaily (Read 29 times)

    mtwarden, that's a pretty great find!


      Very cool temps in northern Wisky over the past few days. Temps were great but 3 days of drizzle not so great. It felt like early October but without the color. Did get in a couple beautiful runs including one of my standard 10 mile loop runs that I nailed this morning. Runs have been finally coming together as of late, gives me some hope. But then my thoughts turn to Moose Mountain marathon in early Sept. (shaking of head). Well, I am still entered.


      Sugnim--As soon as I saw the pic of the butterfly I started laughing then I read about all the bear crap everywhere. You should wash your hands as those critters sit on bear crap. Big grin Truth!


      DigDug-- A personal distance best--Nice job!


      QOTD 1- Just the shoes. I make sure NOT to be color coordinated, clean shaven, or smelling good whether road or trail.


      QOTD 2-The temps this weekend were fall like but otherwise no early color yet up north, the deer flies and mosquitoes are still thick, deer are still in velvet, and I still have lots of wood to split.