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100K or Bust

    Very slow and easy 5.7 mile recovery run.


    QOTD: Goal race is North Coast 24 in September, but I have some shorter races coming up, possibly a 10K or 15K on the roads on July 4th and a 6-hour in Annapolis on a paved trail in a state park in late July.

    2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility

      Afternoon folks! I'll get in 6 or 7 tonight after work.


      QOTD: Pass Mountain 50K (put on by Aravaipa running in November) is my goal for the year.

        It's rest day.


        QOTD: I am going to pace/crew RunJunkie (AKA Jason) at Western State this year. So I am assuiming I will be running at least 30 miles with him.  After that I plan on limiting my long runs to 2 hours and spending more time with the husband on the weekends.  There is a 50K in September I also wanted to do, Lost Sierra Endurance Run in Greagle CA.  It's a mountian run and there are something like 27 lakes you run buy.  Sounds pretty.  My running partner signed up for a 50 miler North Face in Marin in Dec.  May join her but not so sure yet.


        AT:  Breaking your butt in on a bike is painful.

        jonberg:  jobs suck!

        08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

        08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler



        2/3rds training

          Today will be the second day in a row crawling around on rocks.  Climbing and working seem to be the only activities that don't aggravate my knee/IT band and I'm off work so up we go.


          QOTD:  Looking really hard at the USA skyrunning championship held here in Flagstaff in October, the only question is if I can put in enough training to go for the 56k or "just" the 37k.

          Occasional Runner


            QOTD: Next up for me is Speedgoat 50k. Only goal is to do better than last year.


            You had an amazing race at Speepgoat last year. I can't wait to see what you pull off this year. I'll be hanging out at the finish line as a spectator, so I'll see you there.



              You had an amazing race at Speepgoat last year. I can't wait to see what you pull off this year. I'll be hanging out at the finish line as a spectator, so I'll see you there.


              Thanks, I had a lot of fun there last year and look forward to returning. It will be a hectic summer for me, so it will be tough to get in the training to beat last year. But it will be fun trying! Hopefully I will be able to enjoy an ice cold PBR with you at the finish.


              Faster Than Your Couch!

                9 miles on my favorite high-tech (highly technical, rocky, rooty) trail. Loved it, although it was incredibly hard, and I had to walk a bit where I used to run the whole distance and more. Oh well, at least I can run. Saw a black bear up close (less than 30 feet away) taking a dip in the creek and playing in the water. I ran part of that trail yesterday with DD around sunset, and we both enjoyed it! And now just as I came home, before I could even take a shower, DD's school called. She fell over herself and badly sprained her ankle. So I picked her up (it was fun watching her being all embarrassed by having to be rolled out in a wheelchair) and went to the doc with her - RICE for the rest of the day, and crutches for a few days. I guess that will stall our running days together for the near future, but at least nothing seems broken. QOTD: just my 100M in August, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to run it.

                Run for fun.


                  7.5 undulating miles in the Auburn SRA today (Foresthill Divide Loop).


                  FTYC, hope your daughter heals up quickly.


                  QOTD:  No big races on my horizon.

                  Mark O.

                  Rocklin, CA

                    SRD for me to. Too bad bc it's a beautiful day here in Mass. I feel like skipping out on work

                    and playing outside. Stupid job.


                    QOTD: I have a 50K in Aug and a mountain marathon in July.


                    Hi neighbor!  Fortunately I work close enough to the beach to drive over to Markey's for fried clams at lunch.  Clams are very high in iron, and I gave blood recently, so I need that iron.  Fried clams are health food I tell ya.  SRD for me as well.


                    My time related goal races are below.  All road races, though the last three of the half are at least on rail trail.  I've also got a summer trail race series starting the last week of June, every Wednesday night for 6 or 7 weeks.  My goals are to not be DFL, at least not every week, and to improve over the course of the series.  It's a great course.  About 6K, lollypop style.  First 2K downhill, then 2K around a small lake, and the last 2K back up that hill.  Brutal.  Positive split all. the. way.