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    Morning folks!

    SRD for me. I need it today. Got in 34 miles at the Moab Red Hot 55K yesterday. I'll post something of a race report later today.


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      Good morning,


      Weegee and I earned some good runner karma yesterday by volunteering at a race (we manned the aid station at the 50K turnaround).  Today I'll be heading out for 10 miles on the trails; Weegee will continue on for another 10.  (He has the Badger Mtn. 100 coming up).


      qotd: pass

      Upcoming races: 1/9 Bridle Trails 50K, 1/30 Lake Youngs Nuts Run 50K, 2/14 My Better Half, 3/5 Dupont Trail Marathon, 4/2 Umstead 100



        Yesterday I got in 14.2 miles on the snowy Appalachian Trail here in PA. Read about it here.


        Today I'm going out for about 11 road miles.


        Birdwell - looking forward to the report!


        QOTD: Music or no music?


        -I'm guessing since most of us are trailers here we are "no music" folks, but sometimes I enjoy tunes on shorter road runs. It helps get me going after a long day at work.

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          Marley and I had a nice sunny 6 mile trail run this morning.  It was a nice crisp 26F at the trail head.  Tough to beat this weather IMO.


          QOTD: No music while running for me other that what ever tune is stuck in my head.  I do sing during a run once in a great while, but I guess that isn't what you mean.


          Tallahassee, Florida


            Good morning.  Yea Terp's, way to beat Duke.


            DW (a U of Maryland Grad) and I got in 10 miles in the cold windy woods.


            T&C - glad you liked your virginal AT run.  You will have to go back without the snow and see how different the trail is.  Told you it's hard to get lost on the AT.


            Birdwell - congrat's, looking forward to a RR.


            EDRW - way to volunteer.  It's always nice to have AS's manned by ultra runners.  One of my first ultra's had the 20 mile AS manned by what must have been elderly relatives.  One woman told me I looked terrible and that no one should run so much.  Not exactly the motivational speech I was looking for.


            TT - are you a Terp fan?


            QOTD: Music if I'm alone on the road, but never music on the trails.

            running under the BigSky

              another URD due to the friendly stomach bug- my plan was a 15-20 miler yesterday and a 8-10 mile today, so much for planning


              that was a great win against Duke, very fun game to watch Smile  this tournament should be one of the best, I've never seen so many good teams around the league- there will definitely be some good teams not making the cut unfortunately


              Birdwell congrats on your finish!  also looking forward to the RR, I have the Red Hot on my list for next year


              qotd: yes music! Big grin  not for races  though (too many people passing me!) or if I"m running w/ someone- which is pretty rare


                Hi all,  got 9.5 in yesterday, 7 with DS.  We ended up near an empanada place and I've discovered empanadas are fabulous post-run food!   Today, SRD and I plan to get in some cross-training later.


                birdwell, looking forward to seeing the report.  must be some good stories from the day.


                congrats to all the Terps fans.  I'm a few miles from campus and only become a fan at this time of year.  Otherwise, they cut all our favorite sports a few years ago in budget cuts.   Sad


                qotd:  nope, unless I'm on a treadmill.  Even road running and music aren't very compatible here as with all the traffic, staying aware of everything is key.  I would say 90% of drivers here never even SEE pedestrians, let alone yield for them.

                Irish Luck

                  Gusty and windy 8 miles of hills with the mister today.  We were still feeling fatigue from yesterday's 8 muddy miles.  Looking forward to yoga tomorrow night to get my stretch on.


                  QOTD: indoors, on the treadmill, I absolutely need music. Between TVs, side conversations, banging weights, I need something to focus on.


                  Outdoors, I never use music.  Road, trail, or race...I never run with tunes.

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                  I think brain surgery stimulated my running nerve and made me into a trail runner. I'm grateful for both.


                    Yesterday's weather was fairly nice. A little cool but the sun was out and it was calm. Today the wind has picked up and it's blowing snow squalls through. Spring really needs to hurry back from it's vacation. Anyway, I'm going to head out for somewhere between 4.5 to 6 miles, just depends on how I feel.


                    QOTD: Inside on the treadmill, elliptical or bike trainer I always listen to music. Outside, never. i actually hate to see runners on the road with something in their ears. I think it's a big safety issue.


                      I didn't run early this morning because we slept in.  Did some chores needed to ship the horses back home and then did a little sightseeing.  Got back to the hotel in the early evening so some of the others could take a nap or swim in the pool before dinner.  I snuck in a quick 5 miler and then a very quick dip in the pool (yes I took a shower first.)  Al-in-all a great last day here.


                      Not looking forward to the 16.5 hour non-stop flight back tomorrow.


                      qotd:  no music.

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                        Hey, all! 8 on the canal path this morning, with a nice detour onto a trail by the river. Dry, sunny, not terribly cold at 20F, so all in all quite a nice run.


                        QOTD: The only time I use music is when I do laps of the ball field near my house. It's .6 of a mile around so it's pretty dull and repetitive, since it's circular I can see virtually the whole thing at once, and there are, of course, no cars.


                        Re: Terps! I too am a Maryland grad. I don't usually follow college sports, but it's nice to hear they had a good win.



                          Re: Terps! I too am a Maryland grad. I don't usually follow college sports, but it's nice to hear they had a good win.


                          I went to DeMatha HS right next to UM campus.  I drank many a beer at the Rendezvous Lounge in College Park.  That was back in the day when 18 was the drinking age.

                            I got in a final 9 miles on the Cheaha race course. Beautiful day. Perfect single track. Big grin


                            qotd: sometimes I listen to music while running around in circles on the 1.2 mile loop near my house (if there are no mountain bikers on the trail), on any other trail I prefer not to.

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                              21 super miserable miles.


                              QOTD: music. It's dead of winter here which means I rarely get to run on trail right now so music is a necessary boredom buster.

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                                I went to DeMatha HS right next to UM campus.  I drank many a beer at the Rendezvous Lounge in College Park.  That was back in the day when 18 was the drinking age.


                                Oh, lord--the 'Vous! I didn't usually go there--the floor was sticky and it was full of drunk frat boys. And I was in my mid-late twenties at the time, returning to college after a few years off, so neither much appealed to me. We were more likely to hang out at...Bentley's? Was that the name of it? Car-theme decorations? My first date with my husband was there.