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Jamezilla's Stone Mill 50 RR (Read 48 times)


    Congrats - really fun the read different reports of the same race!

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    4/19 Tehama Wildflowers 50k


    Le professeur de trail

      Congrats! That is a good finish on what was less stellar than my training.  Hope you can reflect on this and decide that you like the long distances.  It is quite a different experience.  I have a feeling you do.


      I am sure we will run another race together.  Maybe next year! Got to keep Team Wegman's going ya know!


      Great to meet you.  Take care.

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      Refurbished Hip

        I love your pre-race sushi idea.  I might have to try that sometime...


        Was this your first 50?  I can't remember.  Either way, awesome job and excellent time!


          Congrats on a good run. It sounds like this is a race I need to plan for next year.


            Congratulations. It is funny how you can feel great at mile 40 and almost dead at 41. That is when you have to mentally buckle down and continue onward. It eventually gets better, sometimes.


              Sounds like you ran a strong race and finishing 1 minute before sunset, congrats!


              Follower of Forrest

                RabbitChaser – Thanks…now that I think about it, I was probably cold with hot sensations.

                TnC – maybe Dirty German?  I’ve been eyeing that one up for a while.

                Runfastandie - There’s a topic in this forum with the picture.  I did not partake in the whiskey, but felt very very tempted.  Maybe next time.  Glad I’m not alone with the hot flashes stuff

                Snowden – Thanks Smile

                AmoresPerros – how’s the soreness now?  I’m not a Hoka person (I don’t think) but it definitely works for some.

                AT – tell me about it…next time for sure!

                Lace – thanks for the encouragement.  I might just go for 100 now...if I could pull it off, I'd get a ton of likes on FB Wink

                Chnaiur – I laid down at 6 but couldn’t sleep til 10, but I blame the caffeine.

                FS – Thanks. It wasn’t a smooth morning, but I was very prepared to be flexible…when I realized I didn’t have my pack, I was already sorting out how I was going to hydrate/fuel (fortunately that did not become necessary)

                Jody- great seeing you too!  Did you witness how the race actually started?

                Tom1961-  not a sushi guy, huh?  Rice is a good binder!  As for the no training, I feel more like a real DA.

                Wcrunner2- or the walking purchase :/

                Queen of Nothing – thanks for reading!

                Low 02 -  thank you!

                Jamie – I’m in for team Wegman’s.  Nice meeting you too.

                Mandy – The load up was inspired by your advice…the eating was more fun than the running, but not really excusable (unless you are going to run for 50 miles).  Yes First 50 miler!

                DD1 – It was a great time, well organized, and $35…tough to beat.  It has my recommendation.

                LB2 – After a lot of walking I could finally run at the end and it was mind blowing…you nailed it.  This was my first experience being that low and coming back out of it.

                RunMuppy – to be honest, it was pretty dark out and I didn’t think I made it…clock said otherwise!  Thanks.

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                  Congratulations on your first 50 Jamezilla.  Great run and great report.  Yeah, a few 50s and then you'll be itching to a 100 I'm sure... ;-)

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                  running under the BigSky

                    congrats on your race!  50 miles is a loooooooong ways Big grin