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    Morning All-


    Life got in the way yesterday and I didn't get a run in. But I did get out on the water for a bit test driving a boat DBF and I are hoping to buy. I finally figured out how to post a picture. Not sure why it was so hard before. Sorry if it's massive. Water, Mountains and Sun


    QOTD: The sun has been shining for a about 5(??) days now. Which hasn't happened in about a year. Seriously. I'm completely soaking it up. But the sun also comes with new snow every night. The temps are colder than they were most winter, but with the sun it sort of feels spring-like.


      Snowdenrun - Absolutely beautiful!  Now you have to invite us all to AK for a boat trip.  We'll bring the food and drinks.


        Deal! I like beer... good beer. Smile

        Le professeur de trail

          Went to the gym this morning - cross training and some weights.  I am hoping my feet will hold out for some decent miles tomorrow.  We shall see.




          Have a great weekend everyone!

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            Deal! I like beer... good beer. Smile

            I'll stop of at my oldest DD's in Portland and pick up some Full Sail.


            I have a brother-in-law who worked on the pipeline and he had the best pictures.  Your pic reminded me of one of his favorites.  Love to make it there someday.

              I got in a little over 4 easy miles this morning, trying to stay lose for my race tomorrow. The weather forecast is looking interesting; the current prediction is 65% chance of rain with 40% chance of thunderstorms, and the predictions keep getting worse. At least the temperature should be in the 50's most of the day. Now I just need to figure out what to wear. I'll probably just bring everything.


              qotd: We had several gorgeous days of 70 degrees and sunshine, but the high today is only supposed to be 48 Sad

              So I guess it does feel like spring... massive temperature fluctuations.

              Pinhoti 100: Finished :D


              Follower of Forrest

                I did 4 miles yesterday...probably too fast.  My foot doesn't hurt anymore but I can feel "something".  If I overdo it, that will change quickly from "something" to pain.  I may do the 2.6 mile loop I first started running on tonight, but mostly I will be playing amateur mechanic and replacing the back brake pads on my car...funnnnn stuff.


                QOTD: I'll know its spring when I start seeing short skirts in the street...nothing but sensible pant suits these days.

                6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


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                  Was going to be a SRD, but I decided to go skiing tomorrow so I'll run this evening and move my SRD to tomorrow.


                  QOTD:  No - spring-ish, but still enough of the white stuff to ski on!


                    4 mile walk at lunch today and 8 miles treadmill run tonight, but I do plan on doing 20 -25 miles on trails tomorrow morning.


                    QOTD: Yes definitely feels like spring, Its green everywhere and its been getting slightly warmer every day this week with today being 67.


                      About 12 yesterday at 5:30 am on the trails heading from the GG Bridge. It is a haul but I ma going to try and sneak out now and run there this afternon. It is just so motivating to run from the bridge into the Marin Headlands!


                        SRD for me today.  Good thing, because I woke up with a dizzy spell today.  It's happened once or twice to me before, usually in Spring when there is so much pollen in the air that my head spins.  We get this light dusting of green/yellow dust on everything it's so thick.  Felt better by lunchtime.


                        Snowdenrun, nice photo.  How about one of the boat?  Big grin


                        qotd:  I think it went up to about 85 deg today, also see above.  So yeah, I guess it's Spring which usually last about 3 days down here.

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