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    It started out wet and rainy here...but dried off and warmrd nicely. I did 3-4 on the trail with my dog. It was beautiful, but the deerflies were horrible. I was running in a tank top and they really made a meal of my back and shoulders. I wanted to run a longer one today, but I have to work a 12 hour night tonight on no sleep.


    Qotd: so many donuts I love. I guess a chocolate long john with Bavarian cream. But I love most all kinds.


    Faster Than Your Couch!

      10 heat miles on technical trails with a fair amount of vertical (2000+). I stepped on a sharp rock which penetrated deeply into the side of the ball of my foot, leaving a nice bruise and some swelling. I'll have to ice that. People are right, running is bad for your feet!


      QOTD: Maple-glazed cinnamon roll-up with lots of pecans on top. Close runner-up is the apple fritter.

      Run for fun.


        Well it is a beautiful day here. The plan was to run 10 at Donald park but when I got there and started out the pain from my bike mishap was too much so it was just a hike for an hour. Already have my bike repaired, not too expensive and then I happened to bump into my run/bike bud at the local Farm and Fleet so we are planning on mtn. biking tonight on the home trails. DW just shakes her head.  May be a couple more days before I can run. I'll try a swim in the morning.


        Oh yeah, Dr. Google says I have a bruised liver. Whatever.


        moonlight--Deer flies?  Already? Yikes! I'm so not ready for those bastards yet.


        QOTD-Basic puffy sugar donut closely followed by a lightly glazed cinnamon roll. But there are a couple bagels at Panera and Einstein I think that would be tops.

          20 miles...first 10 were nice , in the trees and a nice breeze going.  At the turn around it started to get hot!  The last miles were abc bit of a struggle.  We ran into a horse couple.  I announced, the woman asked me to wait so she could find a spot to pull off.  The guy wouldn't pull off.  I said if you just stop we will go around by cutting through the woods.  He didn't, so we walked for a bit.  At least in apologized and said his horse wasn't good at pulling over.  I still think he was a bit of a dick but we said no problem gave a great day etc..  


          Qotd:  used to be jelly filled but getting a bit classier and going for the Bavarian crime with chocolate on top.

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