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Nathan Hydration Vest Question(s) (Read 296 times)



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      Would adding a shot or two of rum or vodka keep the contents from freezing?

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        Would adding a shot or two of rum or vodka keep the contents from freezing?


        So would salt.....Heh heh, let me know how that turns out...


        Here is a freezing point calculator based on alcohol percentage


        Then figure out how long you can hydrate with that mixture...






          Good luck, and FTR, I totally disagree with Mandyroo.  Do NOT, under any circumstances, ask TTA her opinion of Nathan bladders.  Smile


          I wanna see what happens....

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            I wanna see what happens....


            An excerpt, from her Sawtooth crew report...

            "I was far from the perfect crew, I know. The first several AS, I struggled with his goddamnpieceofshitmutherfucking Nathan bladder. I despise those things. I threw mine out in the first week of using it. Still hate ‘em. Should have let the AS people fill it. Really."


              That still makes me giggle.


              Thread killer ..

                Mine is almost impossible to hook or unhook . The small plastic tab in the hook is always on the wrong side and you need some kind of tool to pop it back in place . I have all kinds of clips all I'd need to do is break that plastic one off and sew a metal one in but I never think about it until I am struggling with it .

                  Things to delay the freezing of the tube or mouthpiece:

                  1. sports drink rather than water, preferably warm (too hot may affect the plastic or the seals)

                  2. insulated tube cover. I like this from Granite Gear:

                  I believe you can get little chemical warmers to fit in the mouthpiece pouch.

                  3. Keep under jacket - esp. the mouthpiece - sometimes under an insulated layer

                  4. Blow fluid back into bladder so the hose and mouthpiece are always clear.

                  5. Drink frequently so the fluid doesn't have time to freeze.


                  All of the above. If you're out there long enough in cold enough weather - unless bladder and all tubing and mouthpiece are buried under insulation - it can freeze.


                  I've had CB hoses freeze. I've also had the Granite Gear start to freeze early in the season when I wasn't paying attention to clearing and how cold out it already was.

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                    I use the Nathan "Synergy" bladder in a UD pack.  It has a twist top closing system and has never leaked, and seems more rigid than the stock bladder that Nathan ships with their packs.  It never seems to slip or fall over.  It can hold two types of fluid.  DW is ready to swap out her Nathan bladder because of the hook system.


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                      2.) The pack has no insulation for the tube or the bladder so my last run (where it was just below freezing) I noticed some ice in the tube.  I wasn't out long enough for this to be an issue but if (I mean when) I can get out for 3+ hours and it is below freezing, it will be.  Any suggestions?



                      I love my Nathan pack and have been training for ultras throughout the winter in South Dakota. I had the same trouble last year with the tube freezing up solid if I didn't at least take a sip every couple minutes. I recently ordered a tube cover from ...yes, it's a real website. They are a tight fit on the larger Nathan tube, but I recently switched to a Camelback tube and it fits fine. You need to pull the end back a bit from the mouthpiece, so the tube can clip onto the front of your pack. I've used it at 20 degrees so far and no freeze-up.