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Faster Than Your Couch!

    Good Morning,


    Ready to head out for - work.


    The snow that was predicted in the forecast never arrived. So I'm missing 8 inches of snow, my snowshoes all ready to go, kids hyped up, and nothing happening.

    I ran 8.5 miles in ice-covered snow yesterday, and it was quite exhausting, so I was hoping for a nice change today.


    QOTD: How much do "severe weather warnings" affect your daily or your running life?


    Me: I used to take them seriously, but as we have been bombarded with such warnings many times in the last few years, causing hype and even mass panic in my area (people buying food as if there was none available for weeks to come, school and activities cancelled, etc.), and then absolutely nothing happened (often not even a single snowflake around, or temperatures off by more than 10 degrees from predicted values), I have come to just laugh them off and completely disregard them. Except for some disappointment every now and then, I consider them fake, and they do not have any effect on me at all.


    Have a glorious day, runners!

    Run for fun.


      DW and I are lacing up out shoes for an 8 miler on some quiet (hopefully) roads.  No snow yet here, but still saying we are going to get 5-6".  deer season ends today, so can't wait to get back into the woods tomorrow.


      QOTD:  Only for preparations at work, since I need to coordinate keeping the parking lot and office open.  No affect on running plans.  I usually wait until snow starts falling and adjust accordingly.


      By the way, when the heck did the Weather Channel start naming winter storms?  There talking about winter Storm "Electra", WTF.

        Marley decided to sit out this morning's run. I did a quick 4 miles on the trail.


        QOTD: Mostly it affects where we run due to difficulty getting in and out of some of our favorite trail heads with the car.


        Tallahassee, Florida


          Morning!  Swim meet this weekend cutting into my running plans.  I'll get to the gym for a couple treadmill miles and a strength workout later this afternoon.  Sleet and rain coming later too, so we'll see how that impacts things.


          qotd:  For years, I was always amazed at the spectacle that ensued after a warning was issued.  After a while, I just ignore it, but also stay off the roads (driving).  Running, it depends.  I fear ice (weak ankles), but snow and rain don't deter me.

            I fear ice (weak ankles), but snow and rain don't deter me.


            FWIW...  I was just musing how with my Kahtoola Micro Spikes these icy days are the only days of the year where traction is 100%.


            Tallahassee, Florida

            running under the BigSky

              Morning Trailers!  heading out for 15-18 miles in the snow covered hills (but not overly snowy Big grin)


              qotd: I look at them, but they are usually pretty broad, so I just play it by ear- sometimes they are right, sometimes not

                It's a chore day but would like to get 6 miles in.


                Tromper:  What's  up with Marley?  He seems to be sitting out runs lately?


                QOTD: We do not really get severe weather here...but if I know it's going to be rainy I may choose to run a different day so I can avoid it.

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                Endless trails

                  I got in 14 trail miles this morning. My car thermometer read 10* when I started out and

                  13* when I finished, once I warmed up it wasn't a big deal-first 20 mins were tough though.


                  AT: I noticed the same thing this morning about the weather channel.....


                  QOTD: It's hard to take them too seriously lately, I think the weather people are hyping things

                  up just like every other media outlet. I'm not sure why we can't just report the facts and let

                  people think for themselves.

                    Walked my dad's dog 2 miles (he goes zig zag in front of me so no run with dog) then 5.5 for me. Now it's snow removal at work (I call it crosstraining)!



                    QOTD I work outside so I pay attention to weather warnings, but I still do the same stuff.

                    Occasional Runner

                      I ran 10 miles out on Antelope Island. I had one uncomfortable encounter with a buffalo, I saw several nice deer and had a great run. Today is a good day.


                      QOTD: It doesn't really play a role. I have different places to run depending on weather, so I just plan accordingly.


                        Did 10 miles this morning. Still recovering from last weekend, legs felt like I was running through sand at times (I wasn't, just felt that way).


                        Im still in London, went to the local office X-mas party last night, it was fun catching up with folks I haven't seen in a while.


                        qotd: I do listen, but also take the info with a grain of salt, hyped up too much in the past.  I just do local runs if the forecast is really bad.

                        Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7


                          We switched plans and scrapped our road run in favor of a snowy AT run.  Probably close to 10 miles and saw some crazy hikers who slept in an open air shelter last night.  They looked like they were having a blast and said it was their first time on the AT and were surprised by all the rocks.


                          I posted some pics and started a new winter version of the Trail Porn thread.



                            FWIW...  I was just musing how with my Kahtoola Micro Spikes these icy days are the only days of the year where traction is 100%.


                            TT-- I'm hoping to do some post-holiday shopping and these are on the top of my list!

                              Tromper:  What's  up with Marley?  He seems to be sitting out runs lately?


                              Not sure.  She seems fine, but wants a day off once in a while.  When she does go, she seems to have a ton of energy and seems to really enjoy it.  I figure just let her run or not as she wants.  She makes it pretty clear whether she wants to go or not.


                              Tallahassee, Florida


                                Got in a little over 5 and then went for a hike with my son and the dogs.



                                QOTD: It typically doesn't impact my running unless there is lightning involved.