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Back to work Mondaily (Read 36 times)

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    Morning everyone, hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!  I spent more time yesterday sawing then running, found some new trails, but they were choked in spots with juniper and ponderosa, so I brought my little saw.  If you're looking for a small (and light) little saw- I can highly recommend the little Fiskars saw, weighs in at 3 oz, will cut stuff up to 6-7" and it's cheap!


    Here it is on my bat belt Big grin








    shooting for an easy 6 miles this afternoon


    qotd: favorite running book?  I've only read a couple, but really enjoyed Born to Run- the chapter on evolution was fascinating (Biology major)


      Morning folks!


      SRD for me today, back at it tomorrow bright and early.


      Warden: I am sure your trail work will be much appreciated, enjoy your run this afternoon.



      QOTD: With a sample size of 1 I can't really say which is my favorite. I am currently reading "The Sheltering Desert" and enjoying it very much and would say one of my favorite adventure outdoor book was "Into the Wild".


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        Good Morning,


        SRD for me. I did not anticipate that even sticking to the rest days in the training plan would be that difficult! Big grin


        Kids' stuff today, and it's DH's first day back to work since November, after his back problem and surgery. He's all rev'd up and excited about it.


        warden: That saw looks cute, but it sounds really capable. Great find.


        dpc: Enjoy the day off!


        QOTD: Never read one.


        Have a strong week at work, guys!

        Run for fun.


          SRD for me today.  Got 15 in on Saturday marking 10 miles of trail (had to run back to car several times to move it to new section) and 15 yesterday  with DW as course support.  We ran along the 15K section of the race and took care of a runner with a bad ankle.  Then we ran to the top of the last climb on 50K course and helped cheer on some 50k runners.  Lungs feel about 90%, so I'm well on the mend now.


          QOTD: The Four-Minute Mile by Roger Banister.

            Hi all,


            Took off yesterday after the trail marathon on Sat. I might try to get out and run a few slow miles today after work.


            QOTD: I really liked "Running through the Wall," it helped me get motivated to run ultras. It's all personal accounts from back of the packers to elite ultrarunners.



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              7 this a.m. on road/rail trail/real trail.  Semi-tapering this week for North Face Bear Mountain 13.1 this weekend.


              QOTD:  +1 on Bannister's "The Four Minute Mile" - when I lived in London I used to run on the cinder track that he trained on, and I met Sir Roger at a book signing once.  I thought "Running with the Buffaloes" was a fun read as well..

                SRD for us.


                QOTD: I don't read many running books..  I will say "The Perfect Mile" by Neal Bascomb though.  FWIW, I consider the Born to Run- the chapter on evolution to be mostly fiction.


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                  Good morning all,


                  I'm taking it easy today and recovering from the weekend.


                  QOTD: Limited selection for me also.  I'd say Born to Run.  As far as the evolution chapter...I really liked the discussion of anatomy and how our anatomy shows that we are "Born to Run".  As far as the persistence hunting seems to be an early hypothesis at this point so I'd agree with TT that there's not much fact to it...interesting none the less.  (p.s Biology major also mt warden)

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                    Morning all. SRD for me. Finished my 100 this weekend in 25:44. Never would have thought running on flat terrain would be so hard, zero elevation change! Learned a lot of lessons, will share later this week in a RR.


                    qotd: Scott jureks book eat and run is probably my favorite.

                    Le professeur de trail

                      Nothing for me.  Spent the weekend in MA helping my folks do some work on their house - getting ready to sell.   Now back to work it is...


                      Tmotmo - congrats!

                      Jamzilla - congrats (must go read your RR)

                      TnC - congrats (also must go read your RR)


                      QOTD: I read Born to Run.  It was ok.  I really don't have time to "read for fun" anymore.  Maybe one day.  I had thoughts of writing my own book on running but then realized that there were so many - what's the point.  Still waiting for lace-up's auto-biography.  That I would read now!


                      Have a great day!

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                        I had a planned rest day yesterday, but I ran anyway. I will rest today.


                        QOTD: I have only read a few running books. I guess "Born To Run" would be my favorite, not that I like it that much, but it was better than the other couple I read. I want to read the one that John sometimes talks about, something about running in the clouds...



                          Had a productive weekend on the bike and trails so I may take today off, or maybe not, depends on how I feel later. I still have three tests to study for, one this Wed. and two for next Wed. so I have plenty to do. It will be nice when this semester is finally over.


                          Warden: Nice saw. I have to pick one of those up. I'm hoping to do some trail maintenance this year myself.


                          FTYC: Back problems really suck. Eight years ago I had a pinched nerve that almost required surgery. No fun at all.


                          AT: Glad to hear the lungs are mending.


                          Jamezilla: Glad to see that your run went well. I hope to get the time to read your RR later today.


                          Tmotmo44: Congrats on finishing. If it was all flat was there at least some good scenery? There is a flat 100M in northern PA that I thought about trying. It's on a rail trail through a canyon so there is nice scenery to keep you occupied somewhat.


                          QOTD: Never read any running books. I read one cycling book. Lance Armstrong's "It"s not about the bike". After I was finished my opinion of him dropped and It's now a book that I'll probably burn if I ever find it.  


                            10 miles with 1500 vertical ft this pm. It is getting hot in the Bay Area, so will be pleasant.


                            QOTD: Used to be Born to Run, but now I despise it for sucking so many people into injury-generating barefoot running.

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                              SRD for me also.


                              Congrats TnC and Tomotmo44, gotta go read some RRs now.


                              qotd:  I liked Jurek's "Eat and Run".  I was reading it in an airport and my DD turned to me and said "that guy must be full of himself he has so many photos on the cover".  When I told her he won WS100..... seven times in a row.....  (she did Tevis100 which is basically the same trail but done on a horse), she thought for a second or two and said, "oh...   wow....  it's ok then".  LOL.

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                                Hello all!


                                Still no running for me. May go for a test run today or tomorrow to see if my calf is ready to cooperate yet, feels good running across my living room now so that is an improvement. Smile Had a nice 38 mile road bike ride yesterday and managed ~78 miles worth of walking and biking last week. So trying to keep my fitness level up even with no running.


                                QOTD: Haven't read too many, but my favorite is probably Eat and Run by Scott Jurek. I also really enjoyed Born to Run, even if it can't be taken as fact.