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Irish Luck

    Heading to the gym tonight for some xt.  I'm planning to run after work tomorrow, when the heat and air quality in Philadelphia will be at its worst! Dead


    QOTD: I'm a mix of both. I'm an only child, and quite content with my own company (case in point: the mister had a reunion on Sat night, so I took myself out to dinner and got some ice cream on my walk home).  I like working on projects on my own, but when I am in a group of people that I know, I get very high energy and enthusiastic. I am NOT good at small-talk with strangers, which is why I have a hard time attending networking events.

    BT survivor since 2003. Trail runner since 2009.

    I think brain surgery stimulated my running nerve and made me into a trail runner. I'm grateful for both.


      Hoping it's not too wet for a nice long run after work ...


      Block of training starts now!!


      QOTD: A mix of both, but more of an introvert

        Well the visitors are gone and I need to get back to the normal life which includes running.   It's been raining for two days, so blowing off one more day.


        QOTD:  Introvert

        08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

        08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler



          Did a mostly miserable 11.5 miles. It was supposed to be over 17 but there was no way I was going to be able to do that with the weather. It's just too humid. Planning a long run again on Thursday and I'm going to try to get to the trail-head by 6 am to beat the heat. This year I'm just melting when it's humid.


          You know it's hot when your dog melts.


          Certainly the way I felt today.


          QOTD: I'm not quite sure where I fit. At times I'm very shy, other times talkative. I can easily spend days alone and not miss people, yet I do enjoy interaction. Certain social situations, like a post race party, I find it difficult to talk to people, yet in my job I approach people all the time and never hesitate to delve into a variety of topics with them. Overall I'm probably a ambivert that leans toward being somewhat introverted.

            TT- congrats, I've got two weeks and I'll be retiring as well, semi-retiring actually, as I took another full time job; but I will be collecting a pension Big grin


            Good luck with the new job.  I did 6 months working part time when I first retired, but decided that I am done now.


            Tallahassee, Florida

            running under the BigSky


              Good luck with the new job.  I did 6 months working part time when I first retired, but decided that I am done now.


              thanks- this will probably be a  bit of a "bridge" job, too young to collect SS for awhile- but as soon as I hit 62 I hope to pull the pin for good or maybe if this jobs sucks too much Big grin


                Yesterday (Tues) was a travel day between Shanghai and Busan, Korea. It's only an hour and a half flight.


                So yesterday afternoon I ran the local trail up the big hill to the anti-aircraft station, ran a little up there and then came screeming down. I guess it was about 14 miles in total.  It  is fun, takes about 1:15 going up and about 30 min to come down.  Great hill training.


                This morning (Wed) I did the flat "urban trail" by the river. It's basically a hike/bike path that is paved with rubberised stuff. Think of an all weather track that is 10 miles long. I went out 5 and then back for a total of 10 this morning.  Really  nice to get the kinks out from the hill yesterday.


                Now I'm sitting in another hotel ball room giving a seminar on ship design.   Blaaaaaaa!!!


                qotd:  I typically test out in the middle. I can swing either way I guess.

                Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7


                  Hello all! I ran 12.4 miles this morning (unfortunately not trails).  I'm excited that I'll be able to go out to Kisatchie on Saturday and do a LR on the trails I ran the HM last Saturday; it's an hour away but the kiddos will be gone all day Saturday with a friend and the hubby is fishing so it'll work out.


                  QOTD: I'm very social and talk way too much, but I don't need socialization to thrive. I'm perfectly happy alone or I could spend the day with a total preference. I've been told that I'm the life of the party after somebody drags me to it :P.



                  Bless your heart.

                  under a rock

                    I'm on rest until I get my back fixed. Not too upset about it since I'm happy to have a good excuse to take a break from running in the heat.


                    QOTD: I lean towards introverted. I do like a big gathering when I know most of the people or if I'm in my element (trail running, other horse people). Most of the time large crowds wear me out. But, I'm not introverted enough that I'd be happy living in a secluded area.