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    Morning folks!

    Got in a little over 6 this morning. feeling much better today compared to yesterday's kidney stone episode. Hopefully the major part is over and done with.


    QOTD: does it feel like spring where you are?


    The past few days we've had high in the 60's and mid 70's. very spring like. I'm hoping it cools down a bit pretty soon, as I wouldn't mind a few more weeks in the 50's.

      Planning on 6 or 7 during lunch. Got in 5 w/ speedwork last night, though I wanted to go farther and did not have time before dinner reservations.


      QOTD: It's 31degrees but feels like 21 in Philly. So no. Undecided

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        The pooch and I had a nice 7 mile trail run.  There was a nice but subtle sunrise.  It was nice that the mud had frozen enough to run on the crust.


        QOTD: Yes and no.  There are plenty of signs of spring, but it was below freezing for our run today.


        Tallahassee, Florida


          3 miles before work today.  Traveling south tonight to Hilton Head Island for a visit with DW's parents.  Looking forward to some flat runs for a change., I have my golf clubs packed and I have 6 books downloaded on my Kindle.  Should be nice week.


          QOTD : Hell no!  It was snowing yesterday during my run.  Local forecast is calling for light dusting on Monday.  Temps are in mid 30's.

            Birdwell hope the kidney stones get better!


            Plan on 5 or so after work, just hope life not get in the way.


            QOTD I'm in central PA, Monday we had 3 inches of snow, was 50* on Tuesdaand today it's 29* windy and snow flurries, so im thinking not spring yet, but hope soon!

              Good morning,


              I've had almost no motivation to run after work this week, so as penance I'm running 6 loops of the lake near us (about 20 miles).  We're hosting a 12-hour tomorrow around that lake, so we decided to do a course preview Smile  Going to practice my starting pace for the American River 50 in a couple of weeks.


              qotd: although several people are waking up to snow just north of us, we have nothing here.  I can hear the birds tweeting outside and our daffodils are in full bloom, so yeah -- it DOES feel like spring!

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                Good Morning,


                A bit late due to party preparations - DD is celebrating her 15th birthday with her friends today (the actual birthday will be in 4 days).

                We rented a cabin, the girls will be going to the movies,and then decorate cupcakes (well, blindfolded, to add to the fun), and have a sleepover.


                SRD for me, unless I am lucky enough to get in a few gentle miles in the afternoon, before the party starts.


                Birdwell: Hope your kidney stone has left you. Nice run, very brave!


                Cocktails: Still a good workout before the dinner!


                TT: Sounds like a crunchy run.


                AT: Have a great week! When I go to visit my in-laws, I always appreciate the flat trails there (and the flattest of all, the C&O Towpath!).


                Muppy: Hope you'll get your miles in later and have fun doing it!


                EDRW: Have a nice course preview - with 6 loops. you'll probably catch anything that could possibly be lacking out there!



                QOTD: Well, not really. Birds are singing alright, sun is warm, but still lots of snow and ice, temps in the 20's, and an icy, cold, all-freezing nasty wind. I'm afraid there won't be much spring left once the snow has gone, and we'll be thrown into an instant summer blaze! Shocked

                Run for fun.

                  ANNDDD... it's now snowing here!  (Actually just flurries).

                  Upcoming races: 1/9 Bridle Trails 50K, 1/30 Lake Youngs Nuts Run 50K, 2/14 My Better Half, 3/5 Dupont Trail Marathon, 4/2 Umstead 100

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                    Blew off last nights run and shot my bow instead.  I'll replace that with a Saturday morning run at 5:00 am...

                    Soon I will have an archery league on Wednesdays.



                    To me Spring is a transition time.  We don't have snow very frequently, but spring is usually a little bit of everything.  A couple days of rain, a window of sun, and then a couple of days of north wind.  Lows in the High 30's and Highs in the low 70's.  Definitely a "use all your layers" time, when you end up with muddy feet and what you are not sure is windburn or sunburn.




                      Still no spring here Angry so I am loading things up and we're heading to the Keys a little later today. I have to get a run in yet and the toddler has to get out of school. BTW-I call her the toddler but she is now 18. I have her entered in my phone as Troubled Youth. Big grin Actually quite the opposite in spite of my parenting.


                      So I will be off-line for the next 10 days or so. Hopefully spring will be busting out when I get back.

                      Mandy--we must get an easy run in out at Donald in a couple weeks. Long overdue!


                      QOTD-See above Smile


                      Later people-be good.


                      Oh yeah--GO BADGERS!


                      Faster Than Your Couch!

                        ANNDDD... it's now snowing here!  (Actually just flurries).


                        Here, too - alternating with sunshine. I'd love to get out and R U N !


                        Harrier: Enjoy your time off!

                        Run for fun.

                        Refurbished Hip

                          Still no spring here Angry so I am loading things up and we're heading to the Keys a little later today.


                          I hate you.  Angry  Where's the jealous face?


                          And yes, let's do a gimpy run once spring arrives.

                          Ultra Cowboy




                            Endless trails

                              SRD for this dude. Got in a nice 10 miler on the trails yesterday before we had

                              6 inches of snow dumped on us.


                              QOTD: Well, last week my DW pointed out the purple flowers poking out of the ground. This

                              morning those little flowers were covered with 6 inches of fluffy white snow. Yeah, I guess

                              it feels like typical New England spring. It kinda goes straight from winter to summer around



                              Faster Than Your Couch!

                                Rocky, I think the Groundhog needs Scrapster now...

                                Run for fun.