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    My SO & I went snowshoeing on Christmas morning, and saw what must have a good story to go with it.  When we started on the rather steep trail, there were moose, deer, rabbit, squirrel, and small bird tracks.  There were also a few sets of human tracks going both ways on the trail.  About 30 minutes in, there was only one set of human tracks, and they were coming toward the trail head.  There was about a foot of fresh snow that had fallen the night before, plus the older snow & ice beneath that.  I kept wondering if someone got stuck out there, or if they were on a much longer, multi-day hike (alone?) or if they got lost, or why that set of tracks was there.  The snow had stopped falling in the early hours of the morning, so the tracks that we saw were definitely from just before we had arrived at the trail.  After we were on the trail for a couple of hours, the human tracks stopped.  So, we stopped and looked around.  My SO noticed that the tracks continued from down a very steep, wooded cliff.  I don't know if someone had fallen down there and had to climb back up on a snowy Christmas Eve, or if they camped down there on purpose, or if they were just a solitary bushwhacker spending their Christmas in the way that most appealed to them.  I hope whoever those tracks belong to was OK.

      And you may never know.

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        Hmmm. I hope they are okay, too. Most likely, they are. But then again, I think of some of the folks I have run across while hunting... So, who knows?