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    Still not running.  I'm planning on starting back up next week when I get home.  The ankle feels great, but I know it's because I've taken 4 days off in a row.  I'm really resisting the urge to get out for a couple of miles tomorrow morning.


    qotd: if I'm doing less than 10 miles I won't eat anything.  If I'm going to do more than 10 I'll do a Gel about 5 minutes before heading out.  If I'm gonna do a 50k or something, than I'll eat some "real food" an hour beforehand.

    Hog's Hunt 50k, May 10 (maybe)

    Bighorn 100m, Jun 20

      No running for me today. Despite the fact that I now have the time to run daily I am trying to ease into it.


      qotd: Eggs!! Usually cooked in coconut oil. Sometimes if I am going to be out running for long enough I'll bring some hardboiled eggs and olives out on the trail with me. Really hits the spot!

      Mt Cheaha 50k 2/23/2013:  7:34 :D

      Lake Martin 50; 27 miles: 5:29:07

      Run For Kids 50k, Birmingham, 5/4/2013: 6:26:33 Woot!


        I am a eat anything I can get my hands on-vore today ... damn I cannot stop eating (Stress) - Later I hope to be a beer-nivore for supper  really late - maybe mid-night when I finally get my ass out of here.


        Maybe I mis-wrote that.  I was veggie for 13+ years; I'm an omnivore currently. 

        2013 Goals ~ Mar < 3:00, 5M < 29, 10k < 35  


        Wandering Wally

          Dang I wish there was a like button.  I'd be all over it for "beer-nivore".  :-)

          Run!  Just Run!


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            I had DW meet me @ 10pm - It made me stop working


            Had a scotch ale that was not quite right - Too subtle and seemed flat from a local micro-brew.


            So I had a Liennies red so I coulf be hit in the head with taste


            But then  I noticed the special of the day - Regular margarittas for $1.99.  I ordered 2 right away - telling the bartender gal I had a bad day and she asked if I would like them "Powered" - Luckily I really like Tequilla.  After those 2 I was well done.


            Dang I wish there was a like button.  I'd be all over it for "beer-nivore".  :-)


            2013 Goals ~ Mar < 3:00, 5M < 29, 10k < 35