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First pair of trail shoes? (Read 72 times)


    I usually combine road & trail (gravel/dirt) on my daily runs, and have been running in Brooks Ravennas or Adizero Tempos which seem to work fine on both.


    I have switched to  Brooks PureConnect for some of my daily runs, and OUCH!  I took them out on the gravel this morning for a few hundred yards before giving up; I could feel every sharp rock in my instep.  So, if I want to use those for strictly road running, I thought about trying a new pair for strictly trail running.  (they'd get very little road use - I can access the trail about 1/4 mile from my house).  Can you recommend a good first-time trail running shoe?  The trails near my house aren't technical.


    (I've seen a couple of other "shoe" threads but they seem geared more toward those training for 100-milers...!)

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      if you like the connects, and want a strictly trail shoe, I'd suggest looking at the PureGrit. It should be a pretty easy transition.


      Of course, if the trails aren't that technical, you could also just use your older road shoes.

      For many of my trail runs, i use my kinvara's or Ghost's, it's just easier that way.

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        I normally wear the Brooks Cascadia for trails. I've had several pairs and have been happy with them. However, I scored a pair of Brooks Pure Connect for a great price to use on the treadmill and the occasional road race. I LOVED the Pure Connects (and will get another pair soon). I liked the fit and the lightweight feel of them. I was in need of new trail shoes and talked with my shoe guy about my love of the Pure Connects and I was interested in getting trail shoes with similar properties, but with a little more substance. He steered me to the Montrail Rogue. Nice and lightweight with treads that are shorter and less bulky than the Cascadias. That said, I have found that I've been returning to my Cascadias over the Rogues to run in snow or on our technical PA trails.

        If you have smooth trails, check out the Montrail Rogues. They will be good for that 1/4 mile of road to get to your trails.

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          I usually run in Cascadias, but in my opinion, they are best for technical trails and overkill for non-technical trails. They also are just "average" for sand or loose dirt because they are fairly bulky and don't offer a lot of traction on wet grass.


          I also wear the Pure Grits, and they are my "fun" shoes. Very light, but still great in protecting from rocks, so they allow a quick, nimble, light gait even on rocky, rooty, technical trails. Only drawback is that it needs to be dry - they have horrible traction on wet asphalt, rocks or wood. I have serious trouble in them when the access trail to one of my favorite non-technical trails is wet: going down an 8% decline slipping and sliding on wet blacktop is no fun. I have heared that the newest model should have better traction on wet surfaces, though.


          I tried on the Montrail Rogue and a Merrell shoe (something glove) in the store and really liked them, too. But I have no experience running in them.


          In terms of fit, the Cascadias are fairly roomy in the toebox and narrow/high in the heel, although people with really wide feet often complain that it is too tight. The Pure Grits are narrower and lower in the toebox than the Cascadias and probably best for a more slim, narrow foot. They are just roomy enough for my average/more in the slim side feet. I'd say if the Ravennas fit you, you'll probably fit into Cascadias as well as Pure Grits.

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            +1 for Cascadias. I wear Ghosts on the road and these feel similar to the Ghosts. I just bought a pair of Pure Flows for shorter runs too.

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              Shoe advice is generally tricky, many variables for individual use. I use the

              Pure Connect on the road, for trail shoes I just switched from Asics Fuji

              to the Pure Grit. I run on rocky, rooty trails and gravel roads. The Pure Grit

              offers ample protection and still light enough to float over rocky areas. I agree

              with Couch, they can be slippery in wet conditions.


              Best advice (from my experience): Find a shoe store with a good return policy.

              Road Runner Sports offers 90 day return, full refund.

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                I see a lot of folks running in Pure Grits and it seems like they have a ample toe box (a lack thereof is what usually kills a shoe for me), but I do hear complaints when it's wet out w/ lack of traction; do the Puregrit 2's address this shortcoming by chance?




                  I always run in trail shoes, but I would say fit and comfort trump grip. Find some Brooks (Pure Grit?) that work and have fun.


                  For me, Grip = La Sportiva, but I will run in more protective shoes from other companies if I am running further than makes my feet happy in Vertical Ks or X-Countrys ...


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                    I see a lot of folks running in Pure Grits and it seems like they have a ample toe box (a lack thereof is what usually kills a shoe for me), but I do hear complaints when it's wet out w/ lack of traction; do the Puregrit 2's address this shortcoming by chance?




                    I avoided the Grits for just that reason, along with what felt like a tight/ short toebox. The Pure Grit 2 is a much better fit, and so far I've not had any trouble with the traction with the new lug design. One nitpick: they are harder to lock down in the heel for me than the Cascadias or Mountain Masochists that I used to run in.

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                      ^ good to know- thanks


                      of course wouldn't you know- all the Brooks Puregrit "1"'s are on blowout and the 2's are all at full retail Big grin


                        Ok, I'll try both the Cascadia & Pure Grit on next time I'm at the LRS.


                        And in the meanwhile I'll take the advice to just wear my old road shoes.

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                          I tried the Cascadia at my LRS (they don't carry the Pure Grit).  I liked how they felt, in that they reminded me of my Ravennas.  But the guy at the store even told me that "around here" (he knew the areas I'm running) that I should be fine with a regular road shoe for a while.  So he didn't make a sale. Big grin

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