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    A little of three hours on the bike, just under 50 miles and just over 5,000 feet of vertical.

    Gorgeous day in the redwoods, coast was also clear and brisk, but not cold>


    QOTD: Yes, but I generally do not suffer from them. Of course, I did have my first allergic reaction coming back from CO (food?) and now have done six+ hours over the last few days with hives and taking antihistamines. They gave me prednisone but I have not taken it yet. Hoping it gets better before doing a full steroid course.



      I thought that link was open so you didn't have to sign up.  You can try going through Google, search for "Fierce young horsewoman" (sounds like some kind of internet moniker.)


      Here is the link I used to see the article, via Mr Google.


      "Fierce young horsewoman"