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Frickin' Freezing Fridailies (Read 272 times)


    I didn't get out of bed until almost 2 this afternoon, but then I did work night shift so I really wasn't being lazy. After that It was my normal warm up on the bike trainer followed by 6.3 miles on the road (not living near trails sucks) and then 30 minutes on the ellpitical.


    TrailJade:  Welcome aboard. From a distance we may look rough, tough and crusty, but inside we're just a bunch of creampuffs. No reason to remain a serial lurker. I would love to live in an area that had good crosscountry skiing.


    QOTD: New Balance 870s: Nice fit but not enough padding for my longer runs. Brooks Cascadia 5s: I like them for the trails. Hoka Mafates: Nice for road running and without them I couldn't get in more then 7-8 miles on the road. A real knee saver for me. The soles seem to disinegrate quickly when used on rocky trails.